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Sunday, February 11, 2018

The Russians continue to travel to Turkey despite the ban

Disaster he called the situation with foreign tourism in Turkey. As expected, the brunt of the Antalya hoteliers have caused our compatriots: for the first five months of 2016, this country was visited by a total 97177 tourists from Russia, which, as horrified employees of the tourism industry, almost 96 percent less than in the same period a year earlier.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

However, European travellers also not very affectionate in a hurry on the Turkish coast. On average, a quarter fell, the number of tourists from Britain, France, Greece and even Germany, which used to beat all records for attendance this country. But in return, the Turks gained guests from China (+ 30 percent) and Ukraine (+21,9).

However, even it can not save the local tourist business. With the beginning of the year, according to local Ministry of tourism, over 1300 hotels for sale. Dozens of hotels are temporarily frozen, the staff, including Russian, dismissed to their homes.

“Our work here most often, entertainers, masseuses there are, of course, the waiters, – tells 27-summer Natalia from Ryazan, last year she went to Antalya to earn a brand new car. But after three months I returned home with nothing and now pours out his sorrows on his page in the social network. Nothing accumulated, though our hotel and the “five”, and is located on the first line. When the Russian did not, their place was taken by the Germans – but they are not particularly thin at the tip and greedy. The Manager himself worried due to the fact that I had to lay off staff, he still hoped for the return of previous tourist arrivals, as well as the majority of workers are foreigners – but Russian is Polish girls and maids-Ukrainian, he understands that if we leave, it back so don’t just go back… But… In the end had to go for reduction. No, of course, benefits and compensation. In General, I returned empty-handed. And had to fly through Europe, spent everything he got, but still owed”.

Surprisingly, the demand for Turkey in any way not directly associated with the deterioration of political relations with Turkey nor with the concerns of the Federal tourism Agency that ISIL terrorists plan to seize hostages Russians, nor even with the threats of terrorist attacks… If the authorities have not banned the willful decision to sell package tours and air charters, it is likely that Turkey would now be full Russian.

According to Rosstat, in 2015, Turkey was visited by 2665,8 thousand Russian tourists. The country remains the most popular among Russians – all the only problem is that to Antalya it became more difficult to reach.

Russian tourists organized left Turkey after the Russian authorities have used against the country a series of economic sanctions. 24 Nov Rosturizm recommended to the Russian tour operators and travel agents to suspend the promotion and implementation of tourism products and individual tourism services in Turkey, including through third countries. On 26 November, the Russian foreign Ministry reiterated its recommendation to Russians to refrain from trips to Turkey. On 28 November, Russian President Vladimir Putin pointed out to the tour operators and travel agents to refrain from implementing the citizens of the Russian Federation tourist product, include a visit to the territory of Turkey, and also imposed a ban on Charter air transportation in the country. Monitoring the fulfillment of these requirements has paid serious attention to the CPS.

It is clear that our compatriots quickly realized that you can get to Turkey via Belarus – which then instantly skyrocketed prices on Turkish resorts ( on average 20-25 percent higher than similar cost in Russia). After a winter stir a few pouspokoilsya, and now many of those who have already returned to their homeland, give advice to his followers: how to get to Turkey with the minimum of problems.

“You won’t believe, but I’ve never been to a Turkish resort, – says Vitali seasoned tourist. For me, it was something from the category of “Tagil rules”. However, after limitations on leaving, I suddenly realized that I wanted to visit in Antalya. Today, freed from the typical “Russo turisto” she’s now really worth it”.

“Luxury holidays – this is where our, but there is only warm sea and romance,” writes one Russian woman Ksenia. – In General no difficulties to fly to Turkey, if you really want this, no. The planes fly as usual. Can direct, and even from Peter, it transfers. It will be much cheaper. For example, to Istanbul you can generally fly the best airline in just over 9 thousand! If you are really lazy, then hotels can be booked without problems on the Internet, and no one can forbid a person to live and swim where he wants.

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