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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The expert explained a stir in NATO because of the Russian submarine

The Russian defense Ministry were surprised to British media reports about the discovery and the “interception” of Russian diesel-electric submarine near the English channel. Especially since the submarine was at low speed, on the surface, accompanied by a tugboat and not one is hiding. The campaign lasted a few days. During this period the boat welcomed the passing collision course trading ships of different countries in the Barents, Norwegian and North seas.

About the reasons of the rising of excitement we talked with the Chairman of the St. Petersburg club submariners, captain 1st rank Igor Kutinym.

photo: Sergei Ivanov

– The British media with fanfare announced that for the detection of Russian submarines were attracted by British naval forces and allies from NATO. The submarine intercepted and escorted a frigate of the Royal Navy HMS Kent…

– Our submarine did surface transition, and talk about the merits of the Royal Navy to locate her is ridiculous. It would be strange if they didn’t see her, especially because she was escorted by tugs. In international waters we can walk under water, over water, and nobody should care.

Accompanied by the submarine by a British frigate – a normal practice. I think he followed the rules and did not allow a dangerous approach. It is everyday practice anti-submarine forces, which carry out search, detection and subsequent tracking with the training of firing on a submarine. Stress – training. They train to be ready to destroy it in a period of threat and with the beginning of the war.

Diesel-electric submarine “Stary Oskol” was built in St. Petersburg in the “Admiralty shipyards”, one of the six submarines, which are designed for the black sea fleet. For testing certain types of weapons, in particular, such as cruise missiles of the “Caliber”, the boat must dive to the maximum depth. The Baltic sea does not allow the depths of the deep, the holding of such tests, therefore, the submarine “Stary Oskol” went from St. Petersburg, around Scandinavia to the Northern fleet. And after the trials went to the place of their permanent basing of the black sea fleet, in Sevastopol.

Fanning hysteria with its “discovery” I associate with the recent events, when, in December 2015, another of our newest submarine “Rostov – on-don” – from the same series, struck blows by cruise missiles “Caliber” of the Mediterranean sea against terrorists LIH. I remember that moment. The submarine “Rostov-on-don, walked, walked and suddenly turned left, went to Kronstadt, then all began to shout: “have an accident, a fire, people died”. And only smart people are silent.

Launches “Rostov-on-don”, apparently, made a lasting impression on the British and NATO. Cruise missiles “Caliber” most of the route is able to fly in the silence, giving no signals, and therefore to detect them is almost impossible. The very same submarine for a unique acoustic performance and a fantastic ability to hide from enemy radar in NATO nicknamed the “black hole”…

According to Igor Kurdina, the hype around the Russian submarine can be associated also with the desire of the British military authorities to increase defense spending.

We just returned from the international Congress of submariners, there we the British have given a very beautiful icon in the globe, featuring the submarine and two flags – British and Soviet. And at the bottom was the inscription: “the cold war”. Apparently, someone really wants to bring us back to the days of the cold war.

In connection with the surface swing of a Russian submarine in the waters of the English channel Kurdin recalled a different story.

At the time, Nikita Khrushchev visited the Northern fleet. He showed diesel and nuclear submarines with ballistic missiles. He immediately ordered that three submarines came to Leningrad to the parade and stood on the Neva. Khrushchev wanted to show the combat power of the Soviet Union.

– One of the commanders of these boats was my father, the captain of 1 rank of Kirill Borisovich Kurdin. With a quiet sadness, from the North, they went to the surface. Dad told me that they were flying planes that were near the ships, they were photographed by tourists… got Up at Kronstadt, and then it turned out that the maximum draft of boats does not allow them to move along the sea canal from Kronstadt to Leningrad.

No one guessed in advance not to see the depth of the sea channel. They remained in Kronstadt, submarines covered with camouflage nets. However, the commanders of the submarines was invited aboard the flagship of the parade – the cruiser “Kirov”.

At home still kept a gold watch, which all the commanders of submarines, including my father, gave Nikita Khrushchev. When they came back to the Northern fleet, then they all slapped on office discrepancy for violation of privacy because the pictures of submarines were all foreign Newspapers.

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