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Thursday, July 20, 2017

“Sooner or later Savchenko banged”: Poroshenko called the pilot for an explanation

Petro Poroshenko called on the carpet of Hope Savchenko. This happened after her offer to engage in direct dialogue DND and LNR. Positively to this idea was responded to by the representative of DND Denis Pushilin, however, the security service of Ukraine have found it unacceptable. Experts of “MK” has assumed, what topic may be raised at the meeting of the President of Ukraine with the “aimer”.

photo: youtube.com

The head of the DND Alexander Zakharchenko said about the readiness to engage in dialogue with Kiev if it will provide Nadezhda Savchenko. “I can confirm everything said Denis Pushilin. If Savchenko will receive the required authorizations within the framework of the Minsk format, our delegates will be prepared to conduct a dialogue with it. Actually, we don’t choose negotiators with the Ukrainian side. Who will send us those and we will talk,” he said. Zakharchenko also told about the prevention of the operation to eliminate the Hope Savchenko, which is planned to hold Ukrainian special services.

Political analysts believe that the MP from the faction “Batkivschyna” too talkative. That’s why Petro Poroshenko has appointed Savchenko meeting.

Rostislav Ischenko, a Ukrainian political scientist:

– As I understand it, she began to make statements not favorable for Poroshenko. Now Savchenko plays into the hands of the faction of Yulia Tymoshenko. Perhaps Poroshenko tries to set her on Tymoshenko to continue Savchenko made statements inconvenient for the “Fatherland.” If such a conversation will, Savchenko may withdraw from the President to say that Julia is a bitch and injected her in confusion. If she doesn’t believe Poroshenko, she says anything nasty about him. Savchenko unmanageable.

– Statements Savchenko many dissenters, including SBU. What it may lead?

– If statements, such as those that makes Savchenko, saying to any other member, he was immediately summoned to the SBU. There he would read a lecture and warned that next time, he will fall from the balcony. I think sooner or later Savchenko banged, if it will have the same political activity as it is now. Difficult national heroine, which I just scratched out the “bloody regime”, to lose in two weeks. Begin to ask questions. But support Savchenko in society begins to fall. Perhaps waiting when she will become a nobody and even to kill is not necessary.

Denis Denisov, Director of the Ukrainian branch of the CIS Institute, in an interview with “MK” suggested that Ukraine still try to see it through:

“When the dialogue was about the return of Savchenko to Ukraine have already said that they need her more dead than alive. I admit that it planned to liquidate, when she was at the front, and then blame the representatives of the DNI and LC. Live she can give a lot of surprises and make uncomfortable the lives of a number of politicians in Ukraine. The motive here is absolutely clear. Now it does not control neither the President nor the head of the faction Yulia Tymoshenko. Savchenko is an unmanaged component that makes statements contrary to the policy of the Ukrainian leadership. Such an approach is unacceptable. It would be very convenient to crank this thing still in Russia and Savchenko would be a “dead hero”.

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