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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Nazarbayev believes that in the tragedy of Aktobe blame the “color revolution”

The President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev is in turmoil. Three days after the daring attack on the 33 fighters on 400-thousand of Aktobe, the head of state was not able to say anything new about the causes and the organizers of the terrorist act. This is despite the fact that on business are already interrogated dozens of insurgents and their supporters.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Nursultan Nazarbayev

On Wednesday President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev met with the head of the national security Committee of the country Vladimir Zhumakanov. According to the head power Department, all law enforcement agencies destroyed 13 militants, alive grabbed 14 people. The last was caught on the morning of 8 June in kobda village, the Aktobe region, and now wanted left 6 people. However, subordinate Zhumakanova found out that last Sunday’s storm Aktobe were 20 more people, but those at the last moment refused. Each of them has already been questioned by investigators.

Nazarbayev, who took the investigation under his personal control, announced June 9 a day of mourning and said that all perpetrators must be punished most severely. And those who offer armed resistance, should be destroyed. According to him, in Kazakhstan there were all signs of “color revolution”. First swept the country “flimsy rallies” (apparently, we are talking about the protests against the land reform), and then the killings began with the aim to seize power (according to Nazarbayev, the attack on Aktobe was organized by followers of radical pseudo-religious movements” can do, instructed from abroad). In this regard, the President recalled that after the “color revolutions” in charge States up the bandits, and the population is in deep poverty.

Recall, close to Astana, the scientists from the beginning of the week declare that the insurgents prepared the Dagestani Wahhabis. However, in the published police of Kazakhstan the orientations only four men have beards and everyone else is clean-shaven. For Wahhabis like this is unacceptable. They believe that the beard distinguishes a man from a woman and an infidel (kafir). The seriousness of the symptom, can be judged from the fact that in Chechnya periodically there are raids to detect Islamists, during which the police are looking for a bearded but beardless men. In addition, as we found out on the eve of “MK”, 19-year-old Sultan Kabiyev and 25-year-old Andrew Kozhanov earlier never have been convicted of religious extremism. Perhaps these people were more.

Finding themselves in dire socio-economic conditions and seeing no way out of this situation, people could take up arms, trying to justify their actions at least some kind of ideology, while not going into it. They could use Islam and nationalism, and any other radical populism, and maybe it all together. An example of such madness is in Russia — the so-called “seaside guerrillas”. In addition, according to radio “Liberty”, the attackers belonged to the “Army for the liberation of Kazakhstan,” which has claimed responsibility for the attack in Aktobe with the aim to overthrow the regime of Nazarbayev and establish a democratic way of development”. However, the official Astana denies the existence of this organization and their media warns about the ban on spreading false information.

What you’re facing Kazakhstan and how it will come out of this situation, “MK” has found out from the experts.

Azhdar KURTOV, editor of the journal “national strategy Issues”:

— Promotion of exceptional well-being in Kazakhstan has lulled local security forces, meanwhile, domestically developed their own processes. The Russian-speaking population was gradually squeezed out from the Republic, and as a result the opportunity for the development of Islamic radicalism. Plus, the opponents of the current government see that the head of state is aging, and therefore, their chances of seizing power are growing. All this led to the fact that the underground in Aktobe and decided to try the mode on the tooth. But it does not matter who and where trained operatives and why young people decided to take up arms.

Arkady DUBNOV, an expert on Central Asia:

Nazarbayev did not say anything new. This suggests that the authorities are still confused in the face of sudden attack. Despite the fact that already questioned dozens of people, we still don’t know who the Kazakhs were the attackers and why they decided to do this. “Color revolutions” — the easiest way to avoid responsibility and blame everything on USA or the Arab sheikhs, and now all will fit this concept. But the Western Kazakhstan has long been calls from the centre of redistribution of oil revenues, and the reasons why the residents of Zhanaozen came out to protest and were shot, are still relevant.

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