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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Mikhail Efremov at “Kinotavr” made the scene mate

On 27-th Open Russian film festival “Kinotavr”, held in Sochi, showed a “Good boy” Oksana Karas. An unexpected role played in it Konstantin Habensky. For the premiere, he did not come because of the high employment and recent birth of a daughter. But he was waiting for the premiere of one more competitive film “the Collector” Alexey Krasovsky. Soon this picture will represent Russia at the International film festival in Karlovy vary.

photo: Gennady Avramenko

Mikhail Efremov

“Good boy” “a Kinotavr” met like the first film in cinema history. Actresses headed by Svetlana Khodchenkova clapped and shouted like anything decent in my life not seen.

Generally, Oksana Karas is a third film. The script is written by experienced Michael Mestetskiy and Roman Kantor, who, in fact, have outlined their own experiences of 15 years of age when I fell in love with the teacher. You will not understand where the events occur: all the evidence suggests that this province, and then there are shining skyscrapers, uniquely modern Moscow. Will not have time to get used to it – again you throw in the Outback. It turned out that Oksana Karas grew up in a small town on the Kazakh shore of the Caspian sea. Here the echoes of childhood and affected. And time obscure in the yard, and the school, as in the 70-80-E.

photo: Gennady Avramenko
Svetlana Khodchenkova.

Heroes and especially teachers – a very strange fellow. One Director drones in a brilliant performance of Michael Ephraim is worth.

Efremov came to “Kinotavr” with my daughter and told “MK” about his love for women’s cinema. Before the film, he carefully warmed up the audience, interrupted the verbosity of the producer shouts to the hall: “Why sad?”. And then Michael shoved the crew behind the scenes, so as not straightened out, and read line by Dmitry Bykov about how good at “Kinotavr” with Bondarchuk and Rodnyansky: “Here is a film about a boy is good, at the beginning of vodka (verb, banned by Roskomnadzor)…”. You can imagine how heart trembled leaders “Kinotavr” in this obscene moment.

photo: Gennady Avramenko
Dmitry Dyuzhev with his wife Tatiana Zaitseva and actress Christina Grandmother.

But Efremov uncontrollable force. For eight years he was not at “Kinotavr”, and now it could happen again. Yes, the movie itself can cause a protest from the adherents of the order. The headmaster is having an affair on the side, and maybe the school was on fire. The question is, why? Go figure. He is a player, even a good boy Kolya addicted to this task, and that, being simply a young man, denounces him. Although he is not an angel: has a crush on the English teacher, and she invited him home. And then – a kiss. Guy ran home to wash for the first time not to embarrass myself, Yes you have at hand is my father – another very strange friend.

Dad, brilliantly played by Konstantin Khabensky, who usually operated our movie monotonous. And here – characteristic role. The father sits at home and invents something different there, different theories put forward and checks them for his family, announces the transition to the 12 system/ 36 – sleep 12 hours, awake and then 36.

photo: Gennady Avramenko
Maria Shalaeva.

Great episode, Tatyana Dogileva, training school dances. This is all very strange people, what cry out in a loud voice “good boy”, played by Semyon Treskunov, familiar from the film “Private pioneer”- 1 and 2.

Obviously not from a good life in the competitive program of “Kinotavr” includes two documentaries. It was necessary to make up for the lack of quality movies. “The year of literature” took Olga Stolpovskaya, and this is her debut documentary film. Together with her husband, a laureate of the “Booker” by Alexander Snegirev they become the protagonists of their own film, that is, made a film about themselves is bold and outspoken. The writer lives his life, his house about to be bulldozed for the construction of a highway. Couple trying to adopt a child is a lot of obstacles. In the end, adoption will not take place, and the house, where writers Pavel Sanaev, Sergey Shargunov, Alisa Ganieva, Anna Kozlova will survive. Such credibility and sincerity of the Russian game movie desperately reaches…

In the old days all the guests in unison sunbathed by the sea, and the degree of popularity and regalia didn’t matter. Now our actors hiding in corners, hotel on the beach is almost not shown.

And life is a guest and participant of the festival, if it is not an oligarch, very difficult. Prices in the days of the “Kinotavr” and take off at times. Leaving the city, it is better to remove the festival badge, not to tease once again sellers of fruit.

Lunch near the festival area can cost 760 rubles and include a tiny portion of salad with one tomato, dumplings and juice.

But beauty all around. Blooming pomegranates, and in the rose garden under the Windows of sculptures of the finalist of the “Kandinsky Prize”in 2009 Sasha Frolova. She arrived together with their teacher, and the most exotic guest at “Kinotavr” Andrey Bartenev – an artist and a fashion designer.

He appeared in the coral suit “pineapple”, on the visor of his headgear – figure Golden Cheetah, on the feet – good boots with soles a La the swollen earth. As Andrew explained “MK”, so you can push dirt. And all from British designers.

Sasha Frolova submitted an inflatable sculpture is a fantastic device that determines the degree of codenotti. This machine supposedly measures the parameters of a miracle. Another of her works made of thermoplastic polyurethane, has a smooth surface and discovers the ability to recreate new forms…

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