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Friday, March 23, 2018

Mammals began to take over the world before the extinction of dinosaurs

A group of scientists under the direction of David Grossnickle from the University of Chicago came to the conclusion that the beginning of flowering of the mammals had on the era when dinosaurs die even not going. For 20 million years before the extinction of the giant lizards mammals could already boast of a large biodiversity. This, according to the researchers, according to the results of the analysis of the teeth of ancient animals.

photo: pixabay.com

For a long time it was believed that dinosaurs, long dominant on Earth, are not allowed mammals to occupy many ecological niches, and only 66 million years ago when dinosaurs became extinct, mammals ‘ time has finally arrived. But a new study published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, suggests that the end of the era of dinosaurs to date, the dominant animals did not wait.

In the past, scientists believed that the majority of the animals that lived in the time of dinosaurs, were small insectivores, as we have not yet found enough remains to refute such versions. However, over time, these fossils were found and more and more, comparing them with each other, scientists noticed that different species who lived in the time of dinosaurs, were very different. This, in turn, suggests that they have significantly different diets, and thus they occupy very different ecological niches. All this suggests that the “heyday” mammals came 80-85 million years ago.

The researchers note that many ancient mammals suffered the same fate as the dinosaurs, and in this matter their diet, in all likelihood, also played a key role. Those animals, whose diet was monotonous, and died, unable to feed themselves in the changed circumstances, while those whose approach to power was more flexible — survived and became the ancestors of the mammals living today.

Scientists can not yet say with certainty that allowed the ancient mammals occupy diverse ecological niches, however, it is assumed that some role was played by the spread of flowering plants.

a group of scientists under the leadership of Derek Larsen from the University of Toronto suggested that a good diet has allowed to survive the mass extinction, and the ancestors of modern birds — they are supposed to eat seeds, which existed in large numbers even after the fall to Earth of a meteorite, which decreased the amount of vegetation, and then, the chain — herbivores and carnivores.

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