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Monday, March 19, 2018

Lawyers Savchenko told about the split, which occurred in December

The lawyers of Nadezhda Savchenko mark Feigin and Nikolai Polozov said about the split among its defenders, which originated in December of last year.

photo: AP

As wrote Polozov in his Twitter, “with a lawyer I Novikov and Feigin are not working since December last year. Had a deal with Nadia to the end of the case not to talk about. Now you can”. A little later, the lawyer has added that Novikov “has to ask in case it made the team. At some point, violating the agreement, ceased to work in a team. Began to play its game”.

About breaking up with Novikov said today the first time: “To yesterday’s discussion on FB, again my Ukrainian friends do not associate me nor Nicholas Polozova, a lawyer Novikov. And, long ago”.

Under discussion Feigin has in mind the debate on the application of Nadiya Savchenko on her willingness to negotiate with the leaders of the unrecognized DND and LNR Igor Carpenter and Alexander Zakharchenko. Recall that in an interview with radio “Era” she agreed to communicate with them without the involvement of other parties: “Let positioned as MPs from DNR and LNR”.

Read more about statement Savchenko.

Novikov, in his Facebook said that upset with the reaction to these words “visibity”, started “to scream about the betrayal, not understanding”. He explained that “people of the cellars should be pulling right now. They are no worse than those who are sitting in Russian prisons”, “terrorists are in negotiations. About himself, the lawyer added, “chose to side with the Ukrainians. This is not freedom and liberty, I live and work in Russia. The parachute dragging behind shtirlitsa, clinging to a ruined Moscow’s borders”.

These statements Novikov and provoked sharp hostility Polozov and Feigin.

Polozov added that Novikov violated the agreement on non-interference of the lawyers of Savchenko in Ukrainian politics, as it was to promote “the law Savchenko” (day in jail for two days punishment). In addition, Novikov supposedly trying to impose on Ukraine the law on jurors at a time when this Institute is to destroy Russia.

Recall that recently, Feigin stated that he and skids were “the pioneers of political advocacy in Russia”. It differs from the traditional protection, according to lawyer, is that don’t make sense to talk about won or lost matters, but only about saving the UN-save it or the client. The “classic” lawyers in the political process Feigin called “fools”, the “artists” and “performers”.

Recall that during the process of proof of innocence Savchenko represented mostly Novikov, he insured her recent exchange, being willing to provide the necessary court documents for crossing the border. The activity of Feigin and Polozov have repeatedly been criticized for focusing on the PR effect. Novikov himself has explained that the provision of evidence of innocence Savchenko has contributed to the attention to her case of world leaders, who believed that it can be supported by them without prejudice to the reputation.

Today Polozov added that a “demarche” Novikova (the split among lawyers) “immediately became known to the authorities of the Russian Federation. Propagandists gave the command to do the myth of “only one works, the other PR”.

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