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Thursday, March 22, 2018

“Just have money”: the increase for pensioners was found in unexpected places

“Just no money”, – said the Prime Minister Medvedev, answering questions of the Crimean pensioners, and his words instantly turned into winged.

Because of money from the state for the indexation of pensions. And much more – there are. In particular, to a senseless, unnecessary and even absurd. We have selected a few examples of budget expenditure of this kind.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

They flow from one budget year to another, because the relevant article is in the budget of the region or of the Ministry. In order to remove it, you just need to use common sense and marvel at inappropriate spending.

Examples of “bling-bling” – not the biggest waste of budget money. This is minor in comparison with state programs that are not implemented from year to year, “crisis” pouring money into banks, which then dissolve in the offshore, and the allocation of billions on dubious innovative projects, the effect of which is slightly greater than zero.

But because you can skimp on the details.

Crimson pants

Everyone knows that in airports there are VIP-halls. They are commercial, where everyone is welcome who does not mind to pay 17-18 thousand rubles for the fact that in comfortable conditions to wait for your flight, to get drunk-to eat with a local “buffet”, the queue to check-in, border, customs, and if the traveler is not flying, but rather flew, to wait until a specially trained person will find on the line his suitcase and drag her into the VIP lounge to his feet.

But the fact that in addition to the VIP rooms still have Soldi – halls for official persons and delegations, they do not know everything.

Saldi, however, is not everywhere, but in only five airports – in Moscow (Sheremetyevo, Vnukovo, Domodedovo), St. Petersburg (Pulkovo) and in Sochi.

Go to SOLD may be the only one who holds a public office or has a certain status.

The list of positions and statuses approved by the Government. It contains 362 items. There just is not anyone. As in the book about Winnie-the-Pooh – the relatives and friends of the rabbit.

Open the list the President, Prime Minister and Federal Ministers. Then there are their deputies, Deputy deputies, heads of apparatus of the secretariats, press secretaries, press secretaries, press secretaries. The same crowd from the regions – starting with the heads of regions and regional Ministers to the highest clerks. The Supreme and Arbitration courts. The Prosecutor’s office, Investigative Committee. Authorized the President of all stripes along with his subordinates. The heads of state corporations, their first deputies, a Deputy, their chief accountants, assistants, major advisors and advisors just. The Patriarch, the mufti, the Rabbi. Approximately one-third of the Academy of Sciences. Accompanying, atmosphere, mourners and family members of officials. Tens of thousands of the best statesmen, in short.

Every year, each Ministry and Agency spends from its budget a significant amount to the state people who hold positions from a list, used to travel these halls.

Contracts on the procurement website allow you to judge the scope of the spending. Nationally, tens, if not hundreds, of millions.

From the budget of the Ministry of sports for 2016 already spent 500 thousand RUB, the Ministry of labour and social protection – 400 thousand, the administration of Krasnodar region – 2.5 million rubles, the Ministry of communications is 1.1 million, PENSIONNOGO Fund – 500 thousand, the government of the Vologda region is 1.3 million, the Ministry of health – 1.2 million, pravitelstve Rostov region – 800 thousand, the chamber pays each year 1.5 million.. the Office of the President more than 4 million per year just for the employees of his administration, for employees of the government staff 5.5 million, for employees of devices of Plenipotentiaries of the President – 9.3 million RUB.

And this is not the final amount, it’s just prepayment. If the officials often fly on business trips and quickly “choose” paid limit, on the service Zoldo during the year from the budget Department allocated additional funds.

For which they are paid – for any “necessary” for state management?

On the same website hang of public procurement contracts, which lists services provided to the customers of Soltow:

– timely informing of all those in the hall passengers, mourners and greeters about the time of boarding the vehicle and the time of their arrival;

– assistance to passengers when checking tickets, baggage check-in;

– providing passengers with a special connection, Luggage transport from (to) the plane, with passengers from (to) the plane;

– assisting with the passage of the passengers of border, customs, sanitary-quarantine and other types of control.

All this elemental action. Any adult person of very average intellectual ability is able to perform without any tension.

But if state officials need help to commit those actions if they do not understand when to go to the plane, and do not know how to check in Luggage, then they boxes need to glue and not lead the country. What do they do in their government jobs?

Clearly, a rhetorical question. Of course, government people can do everything themselves. To navigate in the airport, assistance is not needed. The above services, as well as rich interiors of Solgov, along with the rich meal – just the attributes belonging to a higher caste. Crimson pants, like in the movie “kin-DZA-DZA”.

You need to actually state, as is the ability to save work time. To arrive at the airport two hours before departure, and 15 minutes. And most of it is so used Soldi.

For the first persons of the state and ceremonial meetings during the visits at the highest level there is a separate airport Vnukovo 2. And not the first persons Soldi only want to quickly pass the procedure of arrival-departure. And wasn’t there to hang for half a day, plump for expensive sofas and pull well trained attendants: “Hey, people, when’s our flight? Let’s inform in a timely manner”.

But the speed of loading and unloading state of the person in the plane is not worth million of budget money that it spent. Quite separate from the rest of the passengers in the corridor. There will be speed, security and functionality. And millions of people’s rubles from the state budget for this corridor will not have to spend. Because if you don’t decorate it with Golden chandeliers and not to place them under the girls with bread and salt, it will not cost practically nothing.

Pseudoscientific delights

When the pensioners in Crimea are eight thousand in months, to spend millions of budget rubles for the development of scientific approaches to what has long been known and developed – not necessarily.

Common sense tells us that while the country is complete. The same as without the perpetuation of every single page of the glorious history of a state institution.

However, on the procurement website you can find a lot of examples of how different departments spend a lot of money on a completely non-urgent scientific and historical projects. Although the time to give them up entirely, or pause – not only for economic reasons, and even ethical.

Last year, for example, the Federal road Agency has paid 24 million rubles for a contract entitled “development of a series of documentaries films about the construction, reconstruction, maintenance of bridges and other strategic structures on the territory of the Russian Federation”.

“Maintenance of bridges”, of course, everyone is interested. But amid the construction of the Kerch bridge interest goes by the wayside. Maybe it is better now not a movie about bridges to remove, and required the Crimea bridge to finish as soon as possible?

Another interesting 24.5 million contract for the same customer – “Execution of works on development of ODM Development of methodical recommendations on the measurement and the forecast of change of temperature in time and depth of the pavement with regard to its constructional features”.

Sounds like rubbish, but in the terms of reference explains. Federal road Agency will konstatiruet that the asphalt on the roads is not kept – continuous holes, potholes, cracks. And wants to find out why it is so? Maybe because in the construction of roads is not “sufficient consideration of the peculiarities of natural-climatic conditions and water-thermal regime”?

Maybe you should measure volumetric heat capacity in the compaction process of asphalt pavement on the basis of modern innovative technological capabilities with the study of the kinetics of cooling of asphalt mixtures and the temperature distribution in the layer of asphalt concrete at different degrees of summarization?”

Asphalt does not hold, because there is less need to steal. Know that everything is absolutely. No additional research facilities under R & d is not required here. Want the asphalt was holding – put it on the same technologies and standards, which put the Finns, for example. Climatic conditions and water thermal regimes they are the same, as we have, and the asphalt perfectly.

The semantic load of such a contract – and hundreds, if not thousands of others, ordered and paid by different ministries and departments – only to and with him garbanati some money.

Research and development, information provision, the pages of the glorious history that ministries and departments are the sweetest “themes”, in the language of the corrupt.

Millions are allocated, and to check on what they spent, it is impossible. What the auditor will know that the study it commissioned decommissioned from cover to cover with an article in the Western journal? No. And even if you realize, how is he going to prove? He and the magazine-then you will not find.

But it is not necessary – to search for logs, to investigate, to catch somebody by the hand. It’s all too worth of budget money. Easier just to remove all of the budgets the expenditure on R & d and other optional classes to anyone they do not seduce.

To remove temporarily. Not forever. As soon as oil prices go up, it will be possible to renew even the most unnecessary and absurd scientific researches in all social and economic spheres.

But it is really not a good time for it.

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