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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Heroes of films are increasingly becoming mentally ill

Increasingly the heroes of documentaries have become marginal people. Do not overlook the Directors and the inhabitants of mental hospitals. In their life it is easy to find new meanings and guidance to those who are on the other side of the “fence”. On 56-m of the Krakow international film festival, one of the oldest in Europe, the main competition among the winners was Lithuanian painting “Dead ears” Linas of Mikuti, filmed in the Russian language. It is awarded by the jury for cinematography.

Linas Mikuta

Linas Mikuta she has participated in documentary film festival “Russia” in Yekaterinburg. Premiere of his new movie “Dead ears” took place in Krakow. He was born in Klaipeda and studied at the directing Department of the Lithuanian Academy of music and theatre, worked as an assistant Director and an assistant Director at the Lithuanian Opera theater, trained in the Opera houses of tel Aviv and Frankfurt. Then Linas began writing scripts and making documentaries. Heroes of the new film with the strange name of “Dead ears” were the old man-a widower and his adult son Yuzik. They are lonely living on the farm alone after three years ago they lost their wife and mother. It somehow managed on the farm, their life is unpretentious, and seem miserable. The Juzik broken all communication links. He thinks something and physically strong, but suffers from mental illness. At first it is not very clear, where everything happens: the landscape like the Lithuanian, but the characters speak in Russian. They watch TV, where broadcasts of Belarusian TV company. It turned out that the events happen somewhere on the border of Lithuania and Belarus. But here, perhaps, the important thing is that this is the territory of Eastern Europe.

Due to the fact that his son is sick, these two isolated from the world, except that sometimes a neighbor will drop. The father insists that he is 80 and time to retire, and he continues to work, while the son does not fulfill his responsibilities at home. And he carefully washes the floors, does the farm, shearing the sheep, very skillfully with them is controlled. But these two men are doomed to eternal conflict because it is difficult to live with the patient, even if he is your son.

In “Dead ears” there is stunning beauty shots. Cats get to raw eggs lying on the table, and begin to lick their sticky goo. The old man and the son of our very eyes cut the sheep. His blood is dripping on the ground, spread in the red river. Extraordinary beauty and sheer goggle-eyed frogs sitting in the bloody puddles and streams. The large farm – sheep, cows. All they require care and attention. Each sheep is a special character, and the camera it passes. With all the poverty and severity of co-existence has some sort of poetics and beauty in everyday life, its philosophical meaning. The son climbs a tree like a boy for a long time sitting there, staring off into the distance. That is what is going on in his head – God knows. What will be his fate, when his father would not, is unknown. Probably it will be expelled from the house, as was the case with the heroes of other competition films. The Director and his camera caught this fragile state, so it becomes unbearably painful for the person, resembling a reed in the wind.

Hero “Icons” Polish Director Voicehe virus becomes a doctor who works in a psychiatric hospital somewhere in Siberia. Voiceh and first filmed in Russia. His film “Seeds” talked about a large family living in Altai. And now he was interested in the daily lives of patients. She’s hopeless and the other by definition cannot be. Not quite healthy people and have become the heroes of the film “the manor” canadian Directors Pierre-Luc Latulippe and Martin Fournier. They live away from the main roads in a psychiatric hospital resembling a barrack, which becomes their home. Each has its own character and biography that can be read in the lost social status of men and women. Old habits persist, taking exaggerated manifestations. However, the investor can no longer contain this abode of sorrow, and his patients have somewhere to move. Here they were happy in the circle such as the poor and useless people. What awaits them next? In fact the film shows the last days of the old life of these elderly people.

Directors always choose the edge condition. However, it is rarely possible to tell the world something new, often the repetition comes a long time spent, especially in cases when the heroes are elected by mentally ill people. Similarly, the target of filmmakers become monks, especially living in a Buddhist monastery. People inadvertantly gets there, sees it for the first time and is willing to share with the world as it was in the painting contest from Estonia. Such films are similar to each other, and become clones of their predecessors.

War also gives the filmmaker a lot of opportunities to tell the world bright. Everyone goes to her for various reasons. Participated in the main competition of the Cracow film festival “Alice in war” has already been shown in Moscow at the festival “Artdocfest”. It took graduates of the Kiev school of Alisa Kovalenko and Lyubov Durakova (it was listed in the catalog, other sources – Duraco). Actually this is the story of the girl Alice Kovalenko, which is sent to Donetsk and watching what happens in the ruined city. Why? To see all own eyes. Although she herself cannot even to myself explain what it does. Perhaps triggered the civil instinct, patriotism? Her French boyfriend is not happy forays beloved to war. Between characters constantly arise quarrels, but she still returns to where is dangerous and where people kill. Who would think that Alice just wants to make a film which will definitely take on the festivals, what is actually happening. The whole truth about what is happening in the Donbas, we won’t know. In the foam of the days important the senses go. People are exposed to danger at any moment can become victims of a terrible game. There is always someone who aims to war for various reasons. In this sense, the pattern “Alice in war is a priceless document of a shaky and scary time.

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