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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Hero of Ukraine, which owns the tunnel of gold, arrested

The most senior official from the Ukrainian presidential vertical — Nikolay Romanchuk, arrested last week in Nikolaev for a bribe of 92 thousand dollars and moved to Odessa “to ensure the objectivity of justice, by the decision of Primorsky district court placed behind bars with the possibility of bail in the amount of 5 million 512 thousand UAH ($222 thousand). Right in the hall of suzbijanju on Nikolay Romanchuk handcuffed and taken away under police escort to jail.

photo: pixabay.com

The arrest of the Hero of Ukraine Nikolay Romanchuk to Ukrainian realities – a case unique. Because according to the unwritten rules of nomenclature to a criminal prosecution were subject to except officers of municipalities and mayors sometimes do. The heads of districts, then establishing in Kiev, the President of the country, and especially of the heads and deputies of the regional state administrations did not touch. In the worst case, they could quietly leave “on their own”, and that in cases where the governors were fighting with Junior rank officials from “nourished” their territories well, quite shamelessly.

Romanchuk and he realized belonging to the item, for which “uplocheno”, guarantees him life-long immunity more reliable than an MP in the Verkhovna Rada. “Slumdog millionaire” born in an obscure village of the Bereznegovatsky area of nikolayevshchina in 2007, paid a rumored $600 thousand “the right people” in the Administration of the then President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko. And after the “victorious Maidan” 2013-2014 “Superstock” received from the then acting President of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov the post of Governor. Thanks to it some months remained virtually uncontrolled and inaccessible to law enforcement agencies.

As told in the press service of the SBU, during the first phase of the special operation the police arrested two aides of the Deputy Governor in the center of Nikolaev after receiving a bribe in $80 thousand. The money was part of $92 thousand, which officials demanded from the businessman for assistance in the preparation of documents on mineral extraction. It is reported that during the arrest, security officers were forced to use weapons.

In the second stage of operation employees of SBU and Prosecutor’s office carried out the authorized searches in the workplace and at the place of residence of the defendants, including the estate of the first Deputy Governor. The officer kept a suitcase with $300 thousands and a large number of jewelry. Under the building by security officials discovered a network of tunnels, which were safes with gold bars, ancient icons, Antiques, silverware. In the vaults there was still “black accounting”, which proves the holding of corrupt deals.

The chief military Prosecutor of Ukraine Lieutenant General Anatoly Matios on his personal page in Facebook has added the “picturesque story” series of photographs. It turned out that in the same suitcase, in addition to 300 thousand green, were also gold jewellery, a locket with a picture of Adolf Hitler, the Nazi Iron Cross.

Supporters Romanchuk assure him fabulous profits does not come on the period of the “sovereign’s service”, and for years of leadership Romanchuk, a major shipyard, where his official monthly salary amounted to several tens of thousands euros. A heavy ingot of pure gold, found at the Villa Romanchuk, its owner explained solely on the goodwill of subordinates-shipbuilders: each of the shipyard workers allegedly passed on the gift of 10 hryvnia…

About the tunnels between the houses of family members of the first Deputy Governor, in the Ship district of Nikolaev the conversations have been going on for at least 10 years. Nikolay Romanchuk says: under the ground he’s just… shooting, no stores of gold is not in sight.

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