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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Dmitry Medvedev: I am confident that we will bring work to the end

The Congress of the party “United Russia” in Novosibirsk, discussed the issues associated with the development of science, the intellectual climate, with school and pre-school education. The party has large programs to solve the most important problems many of them have already started to be realized successfully. If the work will continue to go without interference, in the next 10 years, the field of education will be significantly improved.

In Novosibirsk on Wednesday, June 8, is software forum “Russia Unified” “Education and science – future of Russia”. As noted earlier, the Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on education Irina Manuilova, the party conducting the event is to discuss and prepare proposals that will be included in the block election program of “United Russia”, devoted to the development of the education sector.

“Education and science should remain the task of the national scale and funded at a decent level”

“This is the most important part of the program. It affects the interests of the majority of inhabitants of Russia. The party document is not born in classrooms, and in discussions on broad platforms with the participation of representatives of the professional community and stakeholders, after all, to separate education from the rest of life almost impossible, we are preparing personnel for the economy”, – said the Deputy.

“I’ll be sure to find the money”

Participation in the forum was attended by the Chairman of the party, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. He recalled that the intellectual climate is extremely important for the further development of our country. “Every year competition is getting tougher. And of course, Russia has no rights, no opportunities this global race in the competition to lose,” said Medvedev, who was quoted by TASS. The Prime Minister stressed that the best scientists should not leave the country, they must be given the opportunity to implement their ideas in Russia.

Medvedev also set a task to involve in the work in Russia of foreign scientists. As stated by the head of the government, in particular, it is necessary to continue implementing the program on provision of housing of young and promising scientists. “This program should be brought to an end. The number of apartments that are needed for young scientists to ensure that they successfully worked in the country, is absolutely not extraordinary, it is absolutely counting position, it will be necessary to seek Finance”, – said Medvedev.

In addition, the state should not economize on such important objectives as the development of education and science, the Prime Minister added. “Education and science should remain the task of the national scale and, of course, be funded at a decent level”, – he stressed. The Prime Minister reminded that over the past five years – from 2011 to 2015, the state directed on support of education and science about 16 trillion rubles.”

“We understand that the one who saves for science and education, save for your future”, – said Medvedev. “Smart and educated society is much easier to cope with the crises and challenges facing our country, more confident moving forward,” he says. As an example of the importance of the development of education and science Medvedev has called the rollout today of a new aircraft MS-21, which was fully designed in Russia. “It is such a victory make our economy, and hence us more open to the world, more daring and free,” – he said.

The Prime Minister expressed confidence that the proposals voiced at the forum, “will help the government to find effective and strategically sound solutions in educational and scientific policy”.

“We need to grow a strong national company capable of competing in foreign markets. Such examples we have, you know them well, but their number should increase, so the Alliance between business and science we critically need,” – said Medvedev. To create such an Alliance is necessary to use “all the latest form, all the best legal opportunities”, said the Prime Minister.

School supply

The government is seriously working in the direction of school education. In the next 10 years in schools may appear more than 6.5 million new places, Medvedev said. This will help to completely eliminate the problem, eliminate the second, third shifts, to take the children from the old schools into new and modern”, says the Prime Minister. Only in 2016 it is planned to enter about 50 thousand new school places, he said. “This year we have allocated 25 billion roubles between the 56 regions within the program on creation of new school places”, – said the Prime Minister.

For the implementation of this ambitious program would require huge investments, said Medvedev. Overall, he is optimistic: the Prime Minister expressed confidence that the funds being sought. “I am confident that we will bring the work (for the modernization of school education) till the end”, – he stressed.

It is also necessary to rehabilitate the program of equipment of school buses, said Medvedev. The former programme for the delivery of school buses was successful, but that moment has passed 10 years, bus Park again needs a serious update on what the subjects of the Russian Federation has no funds, the Prime Minister said. “I propose to consider the question on support of regions, which today actively use buses for school transportation, because it’s not everywhere, and make the decision later this year,” he said.

Traditionally, the Prime Minister drew attention to the athletic training students. The program for the construction of gyms in rural schools should continue, he said. “We in the cities gyms, to put it mildly, leave much to be desired. When we arrive in the village – I have, of course, attended rural schools, – it becomes painful, the conditions in which children not only learn, but also teach classes in physical education. This project should be continued”, – said Medvedev.

Students from Medvedev went to the teachers, namely their remuneration. According to the Prime Minister, in this direction work is conducted. “I want to assure you that we will continue to work to support the salaries of teachers,” he said.

Medvedev recalled that the decision to raise salaries of school teachers to the level of average salary in the region, which was adopted earlier, in real terms, increased the salaries of teachers in half. These measures helped to attract for work in schools young people, although it has not solved all problems. “Even 15 years ago, in my opinion, less teachers in the country in General, few have earned. Today we control this process – and then we have to do this”, – said Medvedev.

The salary of teachers directly affect the education of students, he said, because when the teacher stops to think “about how to feed their children, he thinks more about how to properly allocate your time for those who are sitting at their desks, and this affects the quality of education”, concluded Medvedev.

“Isn’t award-worthy parents”

Forum members were obviously impressed by the Prime Minister. Director of the Lyceum №7 Tatyana Smirnova supported the decision to present state awards to some categories of parents, e.g. those who brought up the heroes of the country. “Isn’t award-worthy parents of Alexander Prokhorenko, who in the name of execution of military duty and save the honor of an officer in Syria took the fire itself?” – said Smirnov.

According to her, the success of education depends on the interaction of parents and teachers. In turn, the President of Nizhny Novgorod state University Roman Strongin talked about what the teacher should instill in students the values that we are proud of many generations of Russians. According to him, the new generation needs to feel a connection with the victories and overcomings predecessors.

And rector of Novosibirsk state pedagogical University Alexey Gerasev urged to revive and develop vocational education, calling the slogan “Cadres decide everything” is relevant as never before. One of the main achievements of recent years he described the creation of Federal and national research universities, funding for the implementation of University strategic development programmes.

At the same time, Gerasev drew attention Medvedev that the question remains competitive engineer training, formation of schoolchildren on the stage of General education interest to the engineering profession and the training of new teachers for the system of General and additional education.

United Russia” – the children

During the event, there were five panel discussions: “pre-school education: accessibility and quality”, “New school”, “Professional personnel for the new economy”, “education – a national task” and “Science – a resource and a guarantee of development”.

The forum will develop proposals on the topics of preschool education, the “new” school, of professional training for the new economy, development of science and education. All accepted initiatives will be proposed for discussion in the drafting and adoption of the programme of “United Russia” in the Duma elections in 2016.

United Russia” pays special attention to education in the Russian regions. In the framework of the project “kindergartens – to children” was created more than 787 thousand places in preschool educational institutions due to the construction, reconstruction and capital repair of kindergartens in 85 constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

In 2016, at the initiative of the party began a large-scale campaign for the construction of new schools. The program covers the period until 2025, the total Federal budget amounted to almost 2 trillion rubles.

Since 2011 she has been the project “Modernization of education”, in which carried out monitoring of the level of the average salary of teachers in education. It also monitors the effectiveness of spending of Federal and regional budget for education and practical application of the Federal law “On education in RF”.

Also the party has been working on the involvement of children and young people to the sport. For this purpose, and runs the project “Children’s sport” in which frameworks in the rural schools sports halls are being renovated and purchased new equipment. Is successfully reflected the program “500 pools”: since 2010 in leading regional universities built 60 pools.

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