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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Clinton became the first female presidential candidate from the leading party

On Tuesday, June 7, was held the fifth and final super Tuesday presidential election in the United States. Primaries were held in six States — California, new Jersey, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana and new Mexico. Even before the vote it was clear that the victory of Hillary Clinton. And so it happened. She broke the so-called “glass ceiling” of the political life of the United States, becoming the first woman to actually be nominated as a candidate for the presidency of the United States.

photo: Alexander Astafyev

Hillary Clinton

Speeches, which seemed to let the band of the primaries and Caucus in the United States, was made by Donald trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. The first speaker was trump, second to Hillary Clinton. Her performance was very original. Before the podium, she released Negro singer Merion McFerrin, who performed the national anthem. This was followed by a story about the struggle of women in the United States for their rights. Only after that, on the rostrum Hillary Clinton. She stressed that her victory is a victory of the women’s movement of America. Hillary Clinton held out olive branch to Senator Sanders, saying that they must work together to block the path of the candidate of the Republicans Donald Trump, and thus be saved from great misfortune to the country.

As for Sanders, he spoke at 2 a.m. local time. In his words was not the slightest desire to go back on their word. He said he spoke by phone with President Barack Obama congratulated Hillary Clinton. However, a further statement of Sanders was drawn as if into the future. He said that next Tuesday will be the last primaries in Washington, DC. They called on their supporters to fight in these last primaries. His speech he was done: “the Struggle continues”.

What do these words mean in the context of the fact that Sanders lost essentially nominated Hillary Clinton?

First, some figures: at the time of transmission of this correspondence, Hillary Clinton scored 2630 vote of the delegates. 2058 of them — those who voted for it, and 572 is the superdelegates. Sanders this situation: 1690 voted for him 47 delegates and super-delegates. In General, 1737 delegate. Thus Hillary Clinton far exceeded the necessary for the category number of delegates — 2383. It would seem that the fighting must end. However, as stated by Sanders, he will continue the fight in Washington, and in Philadelphia at the democratic Convention in July. Obama congratulated both candidates and Clinton, and Sanders. Clinton because she was the first woman presidential candidate from one of the leading political parties in the country. And Sanders is that he has stirred up the youth of America and showed us how to fight the election.

The fact that the counting of votes in California was far past midnight and will continue, apparently, Wednesday, June 8, played against Sanders. The fact is that at first immediately at the counting of votes took Hillary Clinton, for her supporters to vote by mail before the start of the election. On the contrary, supporters of Sanders, young people, voted by mail in late, rather than early elections. Now there is a movement percentages in favor of Sanders. However, this has not prevented and will not prevent Hillary Clinton to declare victory.

The distribution of votes in other States. In the state of new Jersey won by a wide margin to Hillary Clinton. In North Dakota, she lost and also by a large margin. But in South Dakota, she won with the minimum advantage — 51% to 49%, in Montana, the victory went to Sanders. In new Mexico, Clinton won, but her victory is also rather a draw: 51% to 49%.

These are the results of the fifth super Tuesday in the United States. They are marked by two factors. The cause of the first victory of Hillary Clinton. The second factor the call of Sanders: “the Struggle continues!”

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