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Saturday, March 17, 2018

An open microphone has let out the secret of Putin’s talks with Lukashenko

In Minsk, Vladimir Putin arrived tired and sleepy. “The day before yesterday slept four hours yesterday – five. Went in three got up at eight,” ” he complained Lukashenko. The old man sympathized, but in the plight of the guest login did not. Him in whatever was necessary was for me to get a discount on gas that Russia sells at exorbitant, according to Belarus, the prices.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Already in the airport waiting for Putin, Belarusian Prime Minister Andrei Kobyakov – he had to prepare for the Russian President to talk on unpleasant for both sides of the gas subject. As you know, Belarus since the beginning of this year, refuses to fully pay the bills “Gazprom”.

In March, the monopoly has filed the first lawsuit in the amount of $125 million, and now the debt for already supplied fuel to the Belarusians reached $200 million the Situation unsuccessfully tried to “handle” the energy Ministers of the two countries. Then the debate was joined by Deputy Prime Minister Semashko (Belarus) and Arkady Dvorkovich (Russian Federation). But also to no avail. A few days ago Minister of energy Alexander Novak said that the discount for Minsk will not.

“The gasman reminded that in 2011 the pricing formula was adjusted at the insistence of Lukashenko. Then the old man wanted the price of gas supplied to Belarus was the Russian equivalent plus the cost of transportation and storage. At current prices this comes to $132 per thousand cubic meters – Minsk believes such calculations are unfavorable and insist on revising the agreement.

“Now they want to pay, as the Germans, minus the cost of transportation in the Polish and Belarusian sections of the pipeline “Yamal-Europe” and the export duty. Only $73 per thousand cubic meters. This is contrary to common sense and the interests of Russia”, – the experts insist.

As for common sense, it is, in truth, have never prevailed in Russian-Belarusian relations. And Russian interests, the Kremlin repeatedly has had to sacrifice in exchange for loyalty to Lukashenka. But to turn the gas valve is too, believe in Moscow. Not only that, the economic situation in Russia is not conducive to throw millions of dollars, and other partners in the Eurasian Union, looking at Belarus, may demand the same concessions.

In Minsk, Putin chided Lukashenko for the supply of sanctions in Russia (8 photos)

Lukashenko clearly didn’t want delicate negotiations became public. “The program we have today is large,” he warned the assembled in the Palace of independence of Ministers, the Issues need to be discussed honestly and frankly, but without going into the debate and long discussions.”

The main purpose of Putin’s visit, he called participation in the next inter-regional forum, which is dedicated to the social and humanitarian sphere. “Discussing issues at the highest level, we need to show vertical regional example of effective and efficient cooperation,” he admonished negotiators dad.

To avoid misunderstandings, the press service of the Belarusian leader did not make the video broadcast of meetings, inviting journalists to distinguish between speakers voice coming from the speakers. But excessive caution came out sideways: time to sound off forgotten, and gathered in the press centre media representatives heard, not intended for their ears the speech of the Belarusian Premier Andrei Kobyakov.

He was more categorical in his assessment of the loss of mutual trade turnover. In dollar terms the decline in 2014 reached 40%, which in turn led to a reduction in the Belarusian budget.

“Our exports in real terms is recovering, but not recovered in the price,” said Kobyakov, So the problem that we would like to discuss today is the changing approach to determining the price of gas supplied by Russia’s Gazprom.

The Prime Minister added that this issue is “economic and legal aspects”, but what are they, journalists to learn has failed. Press-service finally came to his senses and turned off the speaker.

At the interregional forum Putin and Lukashenko appeared two hours later, but talking about Gaza emphatically avoided. (Kobyakov later reported that a mutually satisfactory solution is not found, the negotiations will continue.)

In Minsk, Putin chided Lukashenko for the supply of sanctions in Russia (8 photos)

The Russian President, leaving the podium, has appealed to the Belarusian regions to increase the supply of own agricultural products to Russia: “We want to have apples, meat and milk of Belarusian origin, but not those that are in transit!”

The old man said: to stop “grey” export even the Russians agree to Finance a bookmark in Belarus new gardens. “Let your farmers grow apples, bananas, whatever… And sell them to Russia”, – he quoted Putin.

According to the Belarusian leader, in the world there will always be people that full cooperation of the fraternal peoples do not like. But “to succumb to these attempts to drive a wedge between Russia and Belarus in no event it is impossible”. He complained that the Russians, unfortunately, have little idea about what is going on in the Federal Republic and invited the heads of Russian regions to host the broadcast of programs on Belarusian television. “I want you to know, than live your younger, but still brothers!” he argued.

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