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Thursday, March 15, 2018

The US has accused Russia of unwillingness to cooperate on missile defense

The U.S. state Department called false statements about Washington’s unwillingness to cooperate with Russia on missile defense and accused Moscow of unwillingness to interact. The fact is that, ignoring the protests of Russia, the US continues to routinely deploy their missile defense systems in Eastern Europe and the Black sea.

The United States believes it is “demonstrably false” allegations that Washington does not want to cooperate with Moscow on missile defence (BMD). On Tuesday said the U.S. Embassy in Moscow.

“The United States considered that, as the victors in the cold war, may withdraw from the ABM Treaty. They were confident that Russia will not be able to answer”

“The United States has made it clear that they are ready to cooperate with Russia on a wide range of issues affecting strategic stability and that it is necessary to take real and meaningful steps to ensure more secure and predictable security environment”, – told RIA “news” a press-the Secretary of the U.S. Embassy William Stevens.

The diplomat says: “It is Moscow in the unilateral (right) stopped the dialogue on this topic in 2013.”

“Despite this, we support the need for such a dialogue, but if the US and Russia come back to him, Washington will continue to consult at every stage with our allies and partners,” – noted the U.S. Embassy.

Similar statements on Tuesday came from the lips of representatives of the leadership of American diplomacy. U.S. Undersecretary of state rose Gottemoeller said that statements about the unwillingness of the United States to conduct a dialogue with Russia on missile defense “puzzling”. “Russia rejected the proposals, which could contribute to enhancing cooperation and transparency”, – says Gottemoeller.

Note that the charges of the state Department came the very next day after the Black sea “looked” the destroyer Porter is one of four missile defense ships equipped with Aegis missile defense system and more than fifty missiles “Tomahawk”.

“How come we’re not threatened?”

On may 12 at the former air base at Deveselu in southern Romania, earned the first object of a missile defense system of NATO in Eastern Europe, which is actually an element of European ABOUT the United States, covering the NATO infrastructure. A day later started to build another such complex in Poland, which caused protests of the local population.

What “anti-missile umbrella” in Europe – a purely American project, acknowledged by the Europeans. On 3 June the President of France Francois Hollande at a meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg called the US missile defense system NATO missile defense. While Hollande said that this system is not directed against Russia, raising serious doubts about.

Recall, Russian President Vladimir Putin for many years stated that the European missile defence system the US poses a direct threat to Russia. The last such statement the President made on may 27: “It is a launcher and a radar station. Today, there are missiles with a range of 500 kilometers. After a few years it will be missiles with a range of 1 thousand kilometers. We even know when those missiles will be put into service. But how come we’re not in danger? Even as it threatens our nuclear forces.”

“But worse than the other: worse, these compact units can be shipped offensive weapons, shock missiles right now. And this is the range of 2.4 thousand kilometers,” – said the Russian President.

“The same thing will happen in Poland, we will wait, when in Poland will be carried out certain actions. Anything will not do. Nothing. Until then, until we see the missiles on the adjacent territory. Well, such possibilities we have. You’ve seen the whole world has seen our medium-range missiles, marine, airborne. We’re not breaking any laws. Well, ground is 500 kilometers long, “Iskander” also proved itself brilliantly,” – said the Russian President.

For assured destruction

As previously noted the newspaper VIEW, the complex Aegis, earned in the base in Deveselu, equipped with anti-aircraft guided missiles-the SM-3 interceptors. Launch these missiles is made from launchers MK-41. Launched from MK-41 missiles are dual purpose. As explained by military expert, chief editor of the magazine “Arsenal Fatherland” Victor murakhovski, Russia suspects: if necessary, Americans can use these firing systems for cruise missiles. And this is a direct violation of the letter and spirit of the Treaty on intermediate-range nuclear forces (INF).

Experts, in particular the captain of the first rank of a stock Michael Volzhensky, has repeatedly said that the giant structure of the European missile defense may be necessary only when the US attack on the country with the largest arsenals of such weapons (Russia or China). The target can be guaranteed the destruction of the launch on warning oncoming volley of hundreds of Intercontinental ballistic missiles.

There are facts: accommodation on a permanent basis of the American missile defense systems ground-based in Romania and Poland, as well as placement on a permanent basis four destroyers with the Aegis system based in Spain, said in an interview with the newspaper VIEW Victor murakhovski. “U.S. warships and NATO that periodically appear in the Black, Baltic seas. All of the above there are military facts, not demagoguery, and statements of officials and diplomats”, – said the expert.

The source added that the European segment of us missile defense system is already long enough and purposefully implemented near the borders of Russia. “The US alone and unilaterally withdrew from the ABM Treaty. Russia can only respond to these facts, strengthening your defenses. The United States considered that, as the victors in the cold war, they can unilaterally withdraw from a contract concluded in the period of the Soviet Union. They were confident that Russia will not be able to reply to this” – said murakhovski.

“For the U.S., this reaction was unexpected”

“Now, when the United States became obvious that Russia can give a military rebuff to NATO and the United States, they began to talk about some of the dialogue, which is not de facto. They can’t hear us and don’t want to hear. In the framework of the working groups in the Council Russia – NATO can’t they hear our concerns and continue the line to create a global missile defense system,” – recalls murakhovski.

Chief researcher of the Institute of USA and Canada Russian Academy of Sciences, specialist in the USA, the political scientist Vladimir Vasilev said in an interview with the newspaper VIEW that the use of themes ABOUT American politicians is mostly a PR-component. “For US it is very important to present the problem with missile defense in Europe in world media and public opinion thus, Moscow is to blame,” said the analyst.

“The United States through the mechanisms of NATO began the deployment of missile defense systems in Eastern Europe. Russia’s reaction to these actions was very hard for US unexpected. The Americans did not expect such a sharp reaction from the Kremlin”, – said Vasilyev.

The source added that Washington still believed that Moscow, that is, “swallow” missile defense system in Romania and Poland. “On the other hand, the United States with his statements trying to shift responsibility for the situation with missile defense in Europe on the Russian shoulders. In short, there is an information war, sides are saying opposite things. The statement of the Americans that Moscow in 2013, unilaterally withdrew from the ABM Treaty are absolutely false and untrue”, – said the expert.

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