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Friday, March 23, 2018

The reason for the arrest of the mayor of Vladivostok found in a dilapidated basement

The mayor of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev, apparently, was behind bars not so much because of corruption but because of politics. The head of the Central election Commission, Ella Pamfilova gave a clear signal to the regional elites, describing a previously unknown circumstances that preceded his arrest.

photo: youtube.com

In the photo: Igor Pushkarev

June 3, Basmanny court sent delivered from Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev to two months in jail. He was charged with abuse of office and commercial bribery.

Before being elected mayor he was engaged in business, owned a large production of building materials. After coming to power, handed over the enterprise relatives. Subordinate municipal enterprises on the budget began to buy from them concrete, asphalt, gravel, and at a price higher than the market in large numbers.

Another interesting scheme has been implemented in the field of public transport. In the middle of the commercial chains stood firm, whose founder also was a close relative of the mayor. All public transport was extremely unprofitable, but a relative was earning huge amount of money on city buses.

Pushkarev, the prosecution presented the Investigative Committee. But he worked on it, the Federal Antimonopoly service and Federal security service.

FAS has published its decisions in the last year. They were posted on the website of the service, wrote about them media. No mystery of them, no one did.

The Governor of Primorsky Krai FAS at the same time proposed to apply to the regional Duma, to decide the question of removal from office Pushkareva, because his actions clearly perceived conflict of interest. The region’s administration, however, decided not to take this step.

In the Kremlin, of course, knew all about this. But Pushkareva has not been touched, although charged with committing criminal offences grounds it was already enough.

On Saturday, Ella Pamfilova in an interview with Interfax spoke about the events that developed concurrently with the investigation of the FAS.

“Currently, the criminal case concerning the mayor of Vladivostok Pushkarev, who is suspected of abuse of office, — said Pamfilova. — But whether its activity adversely affected the elections held there. In particular, in the early years after the change of the territorial election commissions of Vladivostok, which were beyond the control of the mayor, he as punishment “promoted” to hastily cancelled agreements for premises, which houses these commissions. Instead the city authorities, they were asked to stay in a dilapidated basement with no communications!”.

The law “On basic guarantees of electoral rights of citizens”, obliges the local self-government bodies, state and municipal institutions and their officials to render assistance to commissions in the exercise of their powers. In particular, on a grant basis to provide the necessary premises, vehicles, communication means, technical equipment and to provide protection.

Providing election commissions dilapidated basement, expelling them from the equipped premises, the mayor of Vladivostok defiantly spat on the law. And the spittle was flying not for the citizens, whose money he cynically took away, and directly to the Federal government.

Local leaders from all regions feel themselves to be in a certain kind of princes-feudal lords. And so themselves and lead. But most still see the edges. It is one thing own patrimony, another Federal center.

The trick Pushkareva said that he has not seen the brim.

“For the investigation of all these circumstances in Primorsky Krai was sent to a member of the CEC of Russia Alexander Kinev, explained Ella Pamfilova. During the visit, he discussed the question of the location of election commissions in Vladivostok with the leadership of the city administration, but the positive response is not received. In this regard, in may 2016, the CEC of Russia had to request assistance in resolving this issue in the administration of the President of the Russian Federation, to the Governor and the Prosecutor’s office. Only after that business moved off dead center”.

Pushkarev took up arms against the territorial electoral commissions after the election in Spassk-far. About this election a lot of media wrote in Primorsky Krai.

A few large enterprises there belong to the family of the mayor. In the past year, the city disbanded the Board of deputies, and in the fall were announced early elections. Obviously, they needed Pushkarev to spend in the local Council of deputies of the several dwarfish parties and to obtain for them the right to collect signatures for elections to the regional legislative Assembly, which will take place in September with elections to the state Duma.

Elections were held with the colossal violations. The primary culprits Tiki. Krayizbirkom was forced to intervene, the election results were cancelled. Tiki dismissed, fired the executives, and when the Ticks were formed in other places, including in Vladivostok, they tried to make minimally dependent on the administration, so that such scandals, as in Spassk-far, not repeated.

The administration of Vladivostok suggested candidates, but in the Tics of the new composition they got a little.

The response of the administration was the eviction of Ticks.

On the last day of the authority of heads of old compositions signed documents that leave the old premises and ready to move into the room that they allocate authority, and it’s dilapidated basement, without communications, Windows and doors.

It began creeping process of displacement of the commissions. The CEC decided to intervene.

To learn more, “MK” contacted Alexander kinevil a member of the new CEC, “panfilovskogo” appeal. He previously worked at FAS, was in charge of Primorsky Krai, so now the CEC, is responsible for this region.

Kinev told me that she had flown to Vladivostok on a business trip, met with the leadership of the city, trying to figure out why they perpetrate this fraud on the eve of the election campaign. “I talked with Mr. Litvinov, first Deputy mayor. Now — after the arrest Pushkarev — he’s acting mayor of Vladivostok. Litvinov explained to me that the eviction of Ticks due to the fact that the administration areas are overcrowded, many employees sit in unsuitable premises, violated health standards, and they can be fined or Rostrud, Rospotrebnadzor”.

Of defiance of the administration of Vladivostok, the CEC informed the Governor, the Prosecutor, the Embassy. The administration of the President was also informed.

Pushkarev said that sent the CEC a lengthy letter about how badly is the administration of Vladivostok, as little from her premises and employees are forced to huddle, but nevertheless, until the end of the campaign, so be it, your Tiki can be in a ruined cellar, and in those locations where there used to be.

The CEC’s letter arrived on the eve of the arrest of the mayor.

“At the moment, our Tiki in limbo, said Kinev. — All this is complicated by the fact that next to every Tick of the room where there are computers related to the gas “Vybory”. They have access to a nationwide network, there are stored the personal data, and the clock needs to be protected”.

A mockery of the Tiki, which is arranged Pushkarev, however, was not the last straw that broke the patience of the Federal government.

The last straw was the primaries “United Russia” on may 22.

Pushkarev — member of “United Russia”. Working in Primorye, the strategists believe that he had the idea to shape itself controlled by a group in the legislative Assembly. A kind of power center that would work against the Governor Miklushevsky, which Pushkarev in trouble.

According to the results of the primaries in its group could enter at least seven deputies. For the Primorye legislative Assembly that would be quite influential, unpredictable and uncontrollable, judging by the history of the eviction of Ticks, fraction. Of course, the Federal centre tried to neutralize it in advance, using lying to the pores of the materials of the FAS — talking about family and corruption.

Monday, June 6, Basmanny court received the appeal of lawyers against Pushkareva chosen for his remand in custody. Defenders of the mayor are asking to change it to house arrest or pledge in the amount of 10 million rubles. The damage caused Pushkareva budget, is estimated by the result in 160 million roubles.

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