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Thursday, March 15, 2018

The newest Russian aircraft MS-21 was tested on pricescontact chilled chickens

On Wednesday morning at the Irkutsk aviation plant took place an event that has special significance for the Russian aviation industry – management industry was shown the first flight model of the new passenger aircraft MS-21, which Russia has high hopes. MS-21 belongs to the category of national projects, and because the familiarity with the firstborn – the language of aircraft manufacturers it is called the “roll-out” – came the head of the government Dmitry Medvedev.

His welcoming speech, he suddenly started exclaiming, “Cool!” And continued almost in Pushkinskaya:”What more can I say…”

Photo: press-service of the Government of the Russian Federation

Holiday in the shop Irkutsk plant, which brought together engineers, workers, journalists and all color of the Russian aviation industry, was opened by the pianist Denis Matsuev performance of etude by Scriabin. At the same time on a huge screen showed an animated film about a boy, a childhood dream to build airplanes. When he animated the dream became a reality, the screen disappeared, and rays of light directly to the audience floated white handsome aircraft MS-21, signed on Board his designer A. S. Yakovlev, whose name has the first MS-21 aircraft.

Welcoming the audience, President Dmitry Medvedev said the MS-21 “one of the most modern in the world”, “ship of the XXI century”. “The state – said Medvedev, – which developed the aircraft – and very few of them, called the a-League. And we in no case, must not this higher League to disappear.”

After the official part the guests went to the factory shop. The day before there had been journalists, accompanied by extremely knowledgeable factory expert Sergei Amanova – man with a mysterious position of “Director lean manufacturing”.

Medvedev in Irkutsk proudly presented the Russian aircraft of the future (5 photos)

He said that from 1999 to 2012, the plant had no orders from the state for the construction of aircraft. In 2012 the situation began to change only through the Ministry of defense and defense procurement.

Today, looking at the factory shop is equipped with ultra modern machines with numerical control, it is hard to believe that the company recently had to survive. Now the plant is fully loaded military orders: the su-30CM, su-30MK, combat training Yak-130 training, the Yak-152.

MS-21 in the list of these products is the exception. It belongs to the family of the passenger cars of new generation capacity from 150 to 221 passengers.

Here do not hide, but rather proudly emphasize that it is created on the basis of the developed in 1993 Yak-242. But today it is built using the latest aviation technologies in the framework of international industrial cooperation. The volume of foreign components in the MS-21 is still about 40%. However, this already is now much smaller than its predecessor, the SSJ-100, which has always positioned itself as Russian.

Medvedev in Irkutsk proudly presented the Russian aircraft of the future (5 photos)

MS-21 to a lesser extent, but also still bears the stamp of those years, when the aviation industry in Russia is not developed, and destroyed. That is why (although many in the aviation industry that is not welcome) the first 175 MS-21 aircraft will be equipped with American Pratt &Whitney engines.

– What about sanctions? – I asked our accompanying Sergey Amanov.

Sanctions? – in response, he laughed. – Is there a policy in the capitals of all the noise, muddy water. But Americans are practical people, and pragmatic – if something is beneficial, it is policy for them recedes into the background. As they say, nothing personal – just business. And with us to operate profitably.

Then he came to a low fence in the shop, which was one of the engines for MS-21, and looking over it, said ironically:

– Here the us and work. And in full and shared with us the understanding.

However, the MS-21 will not always be to lift into the air only American engines. Russian engine builders, though I explain in the creation of a similar product, but now trying to catch up on the backlog at an accelerated pace.

As explained “MK” in the United engine Corporation, delivery of the first Russian engines PD-14 for MS-21 is expected before the end of 2017. The program of production involves each year by 2020 to mass-produce 20 engines with an increase by 2023 up to 50 pieces. So the buyer of MS-21 in consequence he will be able to choose which engines to order the plane with Russian, or American.

Principal innovation of the MS-21, which distinguishes it from all Russian predecessors, is the so-called “black wing made of composite materials. For the Russian aviation industry it – the first pancake, and, of course, no one would dream that it was lumpy. However, there are a large number of skeptics who believe that in Russia there is no yet such a technology, we say, not grown, not matured, and the first such materials, which is already in the West, we will have only 10 years.

Perhaps it would have been if we were in the country only those who criticize. But, as it turned out, there are also those who, despite the harsh criticism, something else does.

– You know a plane Berkut with forward-swept wings? – asked Sergei Yamanov, when I asked him what he is, the man held in his hands is the “black wing” of the MS-21 , thinks about contemporary Russian composites. – Now, I can tell you that a wing of composite panels for the “Eagle” was collected we. That is, even in Soviet times we already had experience with composites. There were heavy carbon fiber. We killed the entire instrument on the plant, trying to handle these panels. But in principle the machine was successful and is still alive and well.

And now, working with MS-21, we see a fundamentally different picture – the materials of an entirely different technological level. The quality of modern composites is incomparably the best. Just earth and sky. Even I, a man who has worked all his life at the plant, can not distinguish these composites from aluminum alloy. Of course, I do not have x-ray vision to assess some internal features, but externally these composites look absolutely perfect. Thanks to such as their mass is smaller, and the survivability is much higher.

The tenacity Sergei Yamanov remembered just standing in front of the fuselage MS-21 that will soon go in Zhukovsky near Moscow, in the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TSAGI), where he will test the strength of the design. There it will crush and mangle with the help of special devices, until finally will break up into pieces to determine the ultimate strength characteristics.

– A test of pricescontact the plane passed? – flashed erudition someone from journalists.

“Of course,” replied Yamanov, – all as expected: fired at the plane with chickens.

– But what throwing chickens: frozen?

“Of course not,” smiled the Director. – Frozen birds won’t fly away. Throwing a normal, chilled. Everything is fine: the fuselage survived.

However, this is not the most difficult that had yet to withstand the firstborn of the modern Russian aviation industry. First and foremost is the fierce competition in the global aviation market. And competitors are not asleep, they have retaliated in this segment of sales. So, in November of 2015, China has demonstrated its first C919. In the U.S. the final Assembly of the first aircraft, Boeng 737МАХ. Presentation of the Airbus A320NEO.

Yes, and in their own country to change the attitude to the project,the creators of the MS-21 will hear a lot of criticism, mostly inherited from its predecessor – the SSJ-100, which was not able to justify the hopes of the Russian aircraft industry. Instead he’s just permanently compromised any initiatives our aircraft manufacturers in the field of civil aviation.

But the most important argument in all these debates with many critics and Western competitors may be the only one of the characteristics of the new machine: reliability, efficiency, comfort…

And then, as they say, the road by walking. The next important step on this way should be lifting the plane into the air. It is scheduled for December of this year and then the launch of serial production is planned for 2017.



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