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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The government of the Crimea knows what happened to the billions on the Kerch bridge

Crimean authorities do not know anything about the fate of the Kerch bridge. Whether it will be commissioned on time or the project of the century will be frozen — in Simferopol unknown. It is found out “MK” after the environment appeared in the media information emanating from the contractor that the state has stopped financing of the ambitious project.

photo: kremlin.ru

According to the information of the contractor, all the money for the construction of the Federal center transferred more than six months ago. Since then, construction has not poured a single penny, all advances are spent, and to purchase new equipment and building materials just do not have anything. The work that has been completed, also not paid, and to fill special equipment nothing for lack of fuel.

We will remind, in 2016, the state had to invest in the construction of 65.4 billion rubles. Subject to the timely funding of the traffic on the bridge linking the Crimea with mainland Russia, was to begin at the turn of the 2018-19 year. Semi-annual simple can move the dates, and who said that it will last only six months? On the question of when money will come, the Ministry of transport repeats the mantra: “Everything is under control”.

So on Wednesday, the state responded to the appeared wary of the publication of the standard: “the Situation is under control as the direct customer, and Rosavtodor. All necessary decisions have been taken and sent to the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation”.

However, there is no money. Their absence, someone explains the bureaucratic delays, and someone crisis. How the situation looks from the Crimea, kept the authorities in Simferopol abreast of and what they know about the problems with the financing of the bridge? This “MK” asked the Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Crimea, the Plenipotentiary representative of the Republic under the President of the Russian Federation Georgy MURADOV.

By the way, in an interview, “MK” he’s said of the fact that bureaucratic obstacles prevent the construction and rehabilitation of the Crimean infrastrcuture.

– Georgy Lvovich, what a mysterious story takes place on Kerch bridge lately?

– I am afraid that nothing I can explain. I just don’t know, because the infighting between the customer represented by the Ministry of transport and the contractor, we (the government of the Crimea, – Ed.) not well received, and their details are unknown to us.

– Is it possible that the Crimean authorities have no methods of control for a government project in the region?

– On the part of the Republic of Crimea no control no. The construction of the Kerch bridge – it’s a Federal program. Accordingly, the control goes to the Federal level. Here is the Ministry of transport said: “we Have, like, everything is under control”.

– That is the Ministry of transport controls himself and controls allocated but not down to the contractor, and vanished into thin air billions?

– I have nothing intelligent to add to this can’t… the leadership of the Crimea most of all interested that the bridge was built properly and at the appointed time. But in addition to the desire we have no leverage.

– As the political representative of the Republican authorities under the President of Russia you can at a meeting with Putin to Express concern about the fate of the Kerch bridge?

– Alas, no. Because we don’t know about which to be concerned. We have no information, no one reports on the readiness of the bridge and whether changed the timing of its commissioning. I hope that all the information is from the Federal government.

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