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Saturday, March 24, 2018

The first Russian space tourist does not consider himself a masochist

The first Russian private company “Cosmocats”, which is preparing a rocket and spacecraft exclusively for tourists appeared first passenger. This 25-year-old capital entrepreneur Edward. The next couple gave an interview to “MK”.

photo: Alexander Astafyev

Recall first, what kind of journey it is. The company, organized by the Latino Center. Khrunichev, a designer of space technology Pavel Pushkin developed the project of the reusable suborbital rocket and suborbital reusable space vehicle to take to a height of 200 km. it is Assumed that the first flight will take place no earlier than 2020. For one of the six passengers wishing to fly into space with duration of several minutes have to pay an amount equal to 200-250 thousand dollars. Similar projects, which the organizers promise to implement a little earlier, is the company Virgin Galactic well-known British billionaire Richard Branson and American Blue Origin Jeff Bezos.

Despite the greater elaboration of Western projects and existing flight patterns (Pavel Pushkin is all just on paper) Eduard decided to stop the choice on the Russian version.

– Edward, why do you need it? What is your motivation for that?

– As an entrepreneur, I was held with a simple rule: if you want to achieve something new, you have to leave the comfort zone. Obviously, the biggest comfort zone — this is our planet Earth, to go beyond is a new and unusual case. For me this is also an opportunity to get in touch with the future. I understand that the money that I’m going to pay in 5-6 years for a single flight, will go to funding basic science. This is a very important motivator for me. Ka graduate Fizmatlit, I understand that a lot of talented guys who studied with me and tied his life with entrepreneurship as I, and remained in the science, can’t get a big salary in our country.

– You have been warned about the risks that may arise during the flight?

I’m not exactly going to fly on the first, not the well-established rocket. Googling the Internet, I learned that there are bad launches, landings, etc. But I’m not suicidal and not a masochist, I’ll do it if I was convinced that the rocket ship and reliable.

– How prepared are you to stress?

– I am sure that right now I’m in the astronauts do not take, of course, that in the year before launch, and better in two years, will start to train.

Smoking is probably going to break up?

I don’t smoke. Think seriously engaged in sports. I never took studies blood pressure of the brain or the thickness of the walls of blood vessels, do not know how my heart can handle such an overload. I still have it.

– As with the vestibular apparatus?

“He’s good, but again relative to a roller coaster (laughs).

– Are you married?

– Prepare for this. The bride does not approve of my desire to fly into space.. the Rest belong to him with a slight suspicion: “How so? If everything really be okay?”. Feel they hope I can change your mind. But I don’t think so.

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