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Thursday, March 22, 2018

The attorney General Lutsenko framed Ukraine, visiting a non-existent jail SBU

In response to the statement by the assistant UN Secretary General for human rights Ivan Šimonović on cases of torture in Ukraine in closed detention center of the SBU, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko has invited the Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for human rights Valeria Lutkovska and the Chairman of SBU Vasily Gritsak check out one of the detention centers. Photos from “the event” posted on his page on the social network press Secretary of the Prosecutor General Larisa Sargan.

photo: youtube.com

On the photo: Yury Lutsenko

Earlier, the “MK” has published details the international scandal that erupted after the publication of The The Times interview with the assistant UN Secretary General for human rights Ivan Šimonović. UN envoy says Ukraine has developed a system of “knocking out” of information have been placed in prison SBU “supporters of separatism”, which includes unlawful methods of investigation.

The security service of Ukraine, in turn, charges Šimonović about the use of torture against “terrorists” rejects.

“The whole day it took “outstanding specialist in the field of law” Yury Lutsenko to understand that he committed a crime when, on 6 June 2016 and went to check the detention center of SBU, – commented Donetsk journalist (now Kiev) Vladimir Boyko. – Because the first thing I had to do the attorney General, upon learning of the existence of this prison, is immediately to open criminal proceedings against the Chairman of SBU Vasily Gritsak”.

The fact that Ukraine in 2003 reported to the Council of Europe on closing the detention facility of the SBU in the alley Askold of Kiev. However, in this establishment to this day, continues to illegally hold prisoners. Of the prisoners the last time can be called the murderer of journalist Georgy Gongadze, the former General of militia Alexey Pukach, the former Deputy head of the Dnipropetrovsk regional state administration Gennady Korban.

SBU at every opportunity, categorically said: no jail in its submission no.

Lead the SBU statement dated 18 February 2008: “the Leadership of the security Service of Ukraine reported that in accordance with the requirements of the Council of Europe all detention centres, security service, who acted in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Lviv and Uzhgorod, which was liquidated in March 2003 in connection with the introduction of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of amendments to article 25 of the law of Ukraine “About security Service of Ukraine”. Persons who were kept in these prison duly transferred to the institutions of pre-trial detention the State Department of Ukraine concerning execution of punishments”.

And that’s what the predecessor of Valeria Lutkovskaya Is the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for human rights Nina Karpachova said on 25 October 2011 at the international conference dedicated to the fight against terrorism: “I Want to remind you also about the illegal existence of the detention facility of the SBU, although the commitments to the Council of Europe, undertaken by Ukraine before the EU accession, he was de jure closed in 2003.

The Prosecutor General of Ukraine each time pretending that the SBU believes in the word.

“It lasted 13 years until the head of the GPU was not Lutsenko, more like a bird-talker, than the attorney-General – says Mr. Boyko. – His “unexpected” visit Lutsenko recognized that in Ukraine there is indeed illegal prison, which Ukraine has always flatly denied!”.

And then the attorney General found, as he thought, brilliant way. He ordered that in the news reports about his visit to the remand prison of the SBU, Prosecutor General’s office and posted by his press Secretary Larisa Sargan, “backdating” of the word “detention” there were substituted the words “detention center”. Obviously, Yuri V. police remembered his youth and remembered about the existence of IVS.

Subordinates, apparently, afraid to tell the General Prosecutor of Ukraine stating that the detention center is a place where detainees can “shelter” for a period not exceeding 72 hours, that is before the court the suspect elected a measure of restraint. And if the court decides to arrest the suspect, the detainee shall be immediately transferred to the detention unit. And – exclusively to the detention unit, subordinate to the Ministry of justice.

Despite this service detention facility for people held for years – the same Pukach, for example.

“Therefore, manipulation with the title actually does not change anything and does not take away from Yury Lutsenko’s criminal liability for the offence on 6 June 2016”, – concludes Vladimir Boyko.

A belated attempt to “cover his tracks” of the incompetence of the attorney General (having the diploma of the radio engineer, but not a specialist in law) has failed and yet due to the negligence of the employees of the press service of the GPU. Replacing in the header of the release of “jail” with “detention center”, they don’t bother to do the same in the body of the message…

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