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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Stephen Hawking proved that black holes lead to another Universe

In the prestigious scientific journal Physical Review Letters physicist Stephen Hawking together with his two colleagues published a paper in which he argued that black holes are a way into the alternate Universe. According to scientists, in case of confirmation of their theory will resolve the main paradox of these cosmic objects.

photo: pixabay.com

Stephen Hawking well-known in the scientific world, first and foremost, the hypothesis that the small black holes lose energy and gradually evaporate by emitting Hawking radiation, named after its discoverer. Nearly a year ago, the scientist have stated that black holes may represent a door to an alternate Universe, however, the relevant scientific work adds to this theory, at first glance seeming almost fantastic, a certain weight, writes The Independent.

Before it was suggested that the notion of “Hawking radiation”, many scientists believed that everything that falls into a black hole, it disappears forever. A hypothetical Hawking radiation, which allowed to change this view, at the same time implies that almost all the information about the quantum state of the particles in black holes, except for their mass, charge and speed of rotation is lost, that the modern view about the world is not consistent. The new theory allows to resolve this paradox by adopting the assumption that what falls into a black hole, leaving her, but in a different reality — perhaps in a parallel Universe. However, way back the one who gets into another world through a black hole, according to the new theory, will not be. “So even though I am with passion for space flight, to fly into a black hole I’m not going,” said Hawking, commenting on his study.

Recently less famous scientist, Martin Rees, have suggested that simultaneously with the Big Bang, which marked the emergence of our world, beyond could be a lot of similar events that led to the emergence of the so-called Multiverse, which includes a great many parallel realities.

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