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Friday, February 23, 2018

Putin’s advisers do not give up hope to re-Kadyrov

Nearing the end of a visiting session of the presidential Council on human rights (HRC) in the North Caucasus. The President’s advisors have visited all the national republics, and currently work in the Stavropol region. As we remember, visit Chechnya ended in scandal: human rights defenders met by local armed men at the entrance to the Republic and escorted to check-out in Ingushetia without a single stop, not allowing to communicate with the Chechen population. Still, the members of the HRC are hoping that they will be able to meet with Kadyrov to organize the work in his country. This “MK” told the head of the HRC Mikhail Fedotov.

photo: Alexander Astafyev

– Problems of protection of human rights in the Caucasus is very different from other regions of the country?

– I wouldn’t say that: there is not much difference. The violations that we are seeing in various regions of Russia, and are recorded here. Caucasian republics are very different from each other, they vary greatly in economic status, lifestyle, status in the social sphere. But from the point of view of human rights the problems they have are the same as on the Federal level. This applies, for example, public control over the observance of the rights of children-orphans, children with disabilities, the elderly, people with mental disorders. This control across the country is hampered by the absence of a specific legal base. There is a law on fundamentals of public control, which displays these questions to the category in need of special regulation, and it at the Federal level, no. Therefore, talking with the leaders of the Caucasian republics, we offered them to accept Republican laws on this subject. And then it would be possible to see which version works best and use this experience at the Federal level.

– You met not only with authorities but also with ordinary people of the Caucasian republics. What they complained about?

– In each country we held a public reception, to which were 70-100 people, and the meetings were held sometimes until one o’clock. Complaints were different: and on the state of housing and land tenure, and judicial decisions. We got acquainted with some of the court decisions, and not all of them seem convincing, but their appeal in the higher courts impossible, because all deadlines have expired. We can only appeal to the European court of human rights. But the ECHR does not overpower this amount of work if every Russian who disagrees with the decision of the court, will be there to handle. Apparently, you need to take some new legislation that will allow citizens to realize their right to appeal on the territory of Russia.

– In the Islamic republics is the rule of law over religious traditions, Islam or sometimes put above the laws of Russia?

– We during this expedition saw no contradiction between Islamic traditions and laws of the Russian Federation. Islamic tradition manifested, for example, that women not sit at the same table with men and can find the arc of the half of the house. But the laws of the Russian Federation do not regulate these sorts of issues, so here the conflict Parva with no traditions.

– But polygamy in the Islamic Caucasus?

– The facts of polygamy, we have not encountered. We were just discussing this subject with the leaders of the republics, and they assured us that marriages, mainly concluded in the registry office, and only after that wish that the bride and groom go to the Mullah. Second and third marriages (at first nerastorgnutogo) the Registrar, of course, do not register.

– Well, believe the heads of the republics on the word… Let’s get back to the topic of Chechnya and the Chechen President, which was actively discussed in connection with your expedition into the Caucasus. How do you see your future interaction with Kadyrov after his refusal to accept the delegation of the HRC on “his land”?

– As we had worked with Chechnya, and continue. In the Republic there are human rights, and will continue to travel back members of the HRC. And what’s more: I’m sure we will gradually be able to remove the conflict between Kalapini (a member of the HRC, which was accused Ramzan treason and beaten in Grozny, – Ed.) and Kadyrov. Because this conflict is built on a misunderstanding.

– Wow misunderstanding: human rights activist insulted, beaten in Chechnya, could kill…

– The attack on Igor Kalyapin was the result of a misunderstanding of the goals and objectives of its activities in Chechnya. But before visiting the HRC meeting us at the working level, explained that the appearance in Chechnya Kalyapin in the composition of the Board can cause unwanted effects. We decided to avoid them.

– Personal meeting of Kadyrov with the members of the HRC are possible?

– Not only possible, but necessarily have to take place.

– When?

– I do not know, such questions usually are solved in working order.

– You can summon him to Moscow on an Old square, where the HRC meets?

– We don’t normally do, and if you want to meet with the Governor to discuss the problems of the region, they come to him in the region. We will have a planned visit to Chechnya and meeting with Kadyrov there. But because Kadyrov is quite often in Moscow, if he wills — we can meet in Moscow.

I’ll go back to Stavropol Krai, where you are now. You will discuss the problems of the Cossacks and to meet with the Cossacks?

– Of course. The main problem of the Cossacks that it concerning Federal laws are not enforced. For example, some receive allotments and do not process them, and sublet. And others who would like to use the land for legitimate purpose, can not get it legally.

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