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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Popcorn prolongs life and protects against disease

Even if a person decided to change my diet to get rid of excess weight, he should not completely abandon foods that contain fiber. A group of Australian researchers, presenting to Westmead Institute for medical research and University of Sydney, found that bread and even popcorn contribute to increased life expectancy and a positive effect on health.

photo: morguefile.com

During the research scientists for over ten years, followed by health and nutrition of more than 1 600 men and women. At the time which at the beginning of the monitoring volunteers were at least 50 years. As it turned out, those participants in the study who ate large quantities of food with fiber, most other was showing signs of so-called “successful aging”, that is, there were rare cases of heart problems, chronic illnesses, cognitive impairment, symptoms of depression and so on. According to the researchers, high amounts of fiber, according to the result of the observation, increases the probability of a person to live a long and healthy life by 80 percent.

Their study, the researchers presented on the pages of scientific editions of The Journals of Gerontology.

In January of this year, another group of scientists representing the Medical centre at Columbia University in new York, found that meals rich in fiber, contribute to strong and healthy sleep of a person, while sweet and fatty foods — on the contrary, interfere with sleep.

Fiber, or dietary fiber — food components not digested by digestive enzymes of human body, but processed useful microflora of the intestine. In addition to the already mentioned bread and popcorn (in which the portions of fiber, about four grams), fiber is found in pasta, semolina porridge, some fruits, vegetables, legumes and so on.

Naturally healthy not just popcorn — often it is prepared with oil, salt, sugar and aromatic additives, which often significantly outweigh the benefits of fiber. However, popcorn, home-prepared from granules without any additional components, probably can really bring health benefits.

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