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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Media: on the construction of the Kerch bridge ran out of money

On the construction of the Kerch bridge have any difficulties because of lack of money, according to Forbes, with reference to the letter of the General Director of the contractor “Stroygazmontazh” Andrei Kirilenko to the first Deputy Minister of transport Eugene Dietrich and the head of Rosavtodor Roman Starovoit.

photo: kremlin.ru

According to a source publication, the last time “stroygazmontazh” Arkady Rotenberg received money from the state in December last year. The new tranche in the amount of 65.4 billion rubles is not yet listed, because of this break line construction, and on the platform can not be put expensive equipment.

The two agencies approached the “SGM” according to media reports, is aware of the problem but cannot solve it even in February 2016. This is due to bureaucratic obstacles: large postroyki now transferred from the Bank to the Treasury service, therefore, state money already allocated, can’t be sent to the recipient until the contract for the bridge also will not be transferred to the Treasury support.

The Ministry of transport hope that such changes will be held until the end of June, when construction will be resumed in accordance with the plans. The source of Forbes stated that the construction of “stuck in a bureaucratic hole”

Note that this must be done before the summer and autumn of 2016, as the later effect of weather conditions will begin the season of storms, interfere with the installation of supports.

Read how much cost of the bridge project.

We recall that the complete input of the bridge is scheduled for June 2019. “Stroygazmontazh” has awarded a contract without competition, and the Rothenberg said he considers the project not from the point of view of income, but as an opportunity to make a contribution to the future of the country.

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