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Monday, February 19, 2018

Large glasses make people alcoholics

A group of scientists representing the Bristol and Cambridge universities, found that the amount of drink that people drink depends on the size of the glass he uses. This applies, in particular, and on alcohol, the researchers note.

photo: morguefile.com

In the study, researchers watched how much alcohol to order one of the restaurants in Cambridge. Thus the same amount of wine in the first week of this monitoring brought in glasses of 250 ml, the second 300 and the third — in 370 milliliters. As it turned out, was more than a glass, so, on average, faster people drink, and often ordered an extra portion at that portion, and the price of wine remained unchanged. When the volume of the glass in 370 milliliters of the people drank on average 10 percent more wine than when smaller volumes.

Experts admit that they discovered the pattern will allow to better understand mechanisms for developing alcohol dependence, and perhaps will lead to the fact that the restaurants in order to combat alcoholism will be legally prohibited from using large glasses.

The results of their study, the researchers reported in the journal BMC Public Health.

In most similar experiments, the authors are looking for the dependence of the amount of alcohol consumed to the size of the glass or the dependence of the amount eaten from the dish size, the conclusions are the same — the greater the capacity from which the person eats or drinks, the more he eats or drink.

Stands out a study in January 2016 by a group of scientists under the leadership of Brennan Davis from the Polytechnic University of California in Luis Obispo. The results of their experiment were the opposite of the “normal” were more than a plate of food and a table on which they stood, the less person would eat — at least, if it was about the slices of pizza of different sizes. Scientists explain this by the fact that many study participants stopped to see the difference between large and small pieces, and started to perceive them all as big, eating, thus, less.

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