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Saturday, March 17, 2018

“Kinotavr” has become a women’s Kingdom

Held in Sochi, 27-th Open Russian film festival “Kinotavr” is the realm of women. They are increasingly taking up positions in the film. And the almanac “the Petersburg. Only for love” which opened the festival, was created solely for the fairer sex.

photo: Gennady Avramenko

Leading the opening ceremony Renata Litvinova all night was telling us about the diamonds. They really are the best friends of girls. Starring in the short film Rustam Hamdamova “Diamonds. Theft”, Renata even stronger believe that. Her exercise on this topic set the tone for the festival. Member of the jury, actress Maria shalayeva, even said to the contestants: “I’m for the first time in the role of detective diamonds. I love them very much. Guys, I don’t get it wrong”.

“27 years in a row we are all waiting for the genius — in a singsong voice will say Renata. And now, in search of diamonds, especially in the short form. 50-60 percent of the current films “Kinotavr” is accounted for by women. And most of them take off on their own savings”.

The impressions the young come all. In the forefront — member Grand jury Sergey Shakurov — the most serious macho of Soviet cinema, by definition, Renata. All actors dream to work with talented people, and among young people, a lot of them.

About this role was played by Lyubov Tolkalina in the short film “drawing Lessons for adults” Faces Atkowski, can dream of every actress. At a press conference on the film in which Renata took, perhaps, the most vulnerable in the short story “Joseph’s Dreams”, too mannered for this anthology, reminiscent of a strange dream, she didn’t come. No one knew where it had gone.

Someone the idea of a female author of the almanac seems insulting and reminiscent of ghetto. Anybody in a head will not come to remove the cycle, where the men would be United on the basis of gender. What producer Sergei Selyanov said, “It’s hitting. Film directing there were many talented and bright women. He wrote himself about how the fell cosmic ray and stirred up the passion in some Nations. This beam is passed through the women. But I can ask: “Why women?”. Why are we humiliated? This is evident not only in directing. Two years ago, of the 25 students of the faculty of carrier-fighting positions were only 8 boys. Women come to the fore, and we decided this joy to share”.

From Bondarchuk to Litvinova: “stars” at the opening of “Kinotavr” (30 photos)

The greatest interest was aroused by the novel Avdotya Smirnova “dog Walking”, where a lonely heroine Anna Mikhalkova lives with his dog, walks it, and sometimes meet men on walks through the Park or through a Dating site. She even goes to the sorcerer, a madman who played Mikhail Boyarsky. He obmazyvat the belly of his client’s raw eggs, performing a ritual. It looks crazy and funny.

With Smirnova Mikhalkov’s works is not the first time: “I Have a feeling that I am part of the Dunya Smirnova. We made each other feel. I have no dog, and I don’t know how to use them. But they are very talented, far more talented than us. Now I know that dogs love and want to do. Some are specifically brought to the shooting, so they looked like the other dog removed.

And Mikhail Boyarsky we got an unexpected move. I was really embarrassed. The existence of on the set with such a great artist made him worry. But Dounia convinced: “This is d’artagnan. Don’t you want him removed?”. And I realized that it was my only chance. All has passed so quickly. This schedule was impossible. Each time was a new show with different points of incidence, rubbing eggs. To me this shoot was filled for a long time”.

As it turned out, not only Anna Mikhalkova hesitated, but Mikhail Boyarsky was worried not less. He even questioned my suitability for the role. The mutual excitement the two artists watched the whole group.

Natalia Nazarova in the short story “Just a concert” in the choir boys, singing girl, dressed in male clothing. Three days was filmed this scene, and none of the adolescents from 7 to 13 years did not notice the trick. And when the boys were very surprised. Natalya Nazarova was looking through the different choirs, and in them she always saw girls, even in one African teenager she recognized the girl. Decided that probably not enough boys, that invited young ladies. He shared his observations with the head of the choir Vadim Pchelkin, he laughed: casting huge, is from whom to select. So this Novella with the substitution products of the imagination.

Natalia Kudryashova to remove the “Anichkov bridge”, repeatedly went on a bus tour of St. Petersburg with different groups and realized that foreigners are much more interested in the city. Wanted to make a Russian group, but it became clear that then will get serious auteur cinema. “I don’t live in St. Petersburg, but not just there, — says Natalya. — It was important for me to talk about the stereotypes of the city, which is close to the European format. Not bad, I’m not Peter live, but I was able to tell the story from the point of view of a tourist.”

A member of the Grand jury Anna Parmas also took off his short story “Girls”. Her character, despite the interesting situation (she was pregnant), rests on the heels and wears a peach-colored coat, which no longer converges on a stomach. Actress Svetlana Kamynina asked him, what, in fact, guided by her character, putting on a coat. She carried the movie on the overhead bellies. In the “Intern” was she at the 3, 6 and 9th months of pregnancy. A large experience has been gained. Anna Parmas wrote the script for the episode from their own lives. She’s just like her character, went with his mother to the U.S., quarreled with her because of Stalin. And the lovely Svetlana Kamynin selected according to the similarity of the female type.

So that short film with a female focus at this festival dominates. The President of “Kinotavr” Alexander Rodnyansky said that the current festival is the youngest in the history of “Kinotavr”: “we Do not have such a large number of openings. From 75 submitted films — the first in 26 biographies of Directors. The competition of short films turned into a natural selection process. There are new ideas and meanings. And those who started in this competition, returns to the festival with his full-length works. “Kinotavr. Short meter” — perhaps the main program of the festival. This is our vision of the future, what will be the Russian cinema tomorrow. This year, we are among other things faced with energetic women’s cinema.”

Program Director of “Kinotavr” Sitora Aliyev brought an impressive figure: 300 films entered the selection. The geography of applications has expanded. One of them came even from Mauritius.

Almost all films by young filmmakers shoot without a budget. Directed the short film “Mantis” Elena Polyakova will say: “the Screenplay was written in one night. Three months I was looking for an actress who would not be afraid to take a chance. Where else to risk, as not bezbyudzhetnoe movie?” The debutants such as: heart racing, legs gave way. Their work will be evaluated by the jury under the guidance of producer Elena Glikman, which also includes: Director George Krizovnicka, which everyone learned at Kinotavr, thanks to the short films, actress Daria Ekamasova and film critic Larisa Malyukova.

Sergei Bodrov Sr. flew in from Los Angeles to Sochi for three days to not only get the honorary prize for the contribution, but also to present “the prisoner of the Caucasus”, which — 20 years. About the death of Alexey Zharkov, who played in his movie, he learned from the columnist the “MK”.

— No, I didn’t know about it. Alex called me last year.

— What do you feel on the day of the 20th anniversary of the film?

— Want to remember the days when you were happy. And 20 years ago we arrived in Sochi on the show, and it was a great joy. Here was my son, Sergei. I “prisoner of the Caucasus” is very dear for different reasons, but I see it difficult. However, today I once again reconsider. And the prize just handed to me, I take very seriously. Although my contribution to cinema modest. Eisenstein and hayday have done for him much more.

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