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Monday, October 24, 2016

Irate Saakashvili moved to a tent on the roadside

The head of the Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili who have had his office in a tent on the side of the reconstructed highway Odessa — Reni, called upon to restore order in Ukraine. He complained of the corruption of Ukrainian officials that without a bribe refuse to work for the benefit of people.

Saakashvili promised that before the end of the repairs on the track will live and work in the tent. “So at least this road was completed. So at least in this field we have put things in order”, — said the politician.

During a briefing in his new office of Governor of Odessa noted that this whole situation with the repair of the route shows that Ukraine is “management mechanism completely broken into pieces”, reports channel “112”.

“We do not work vertical. Only works where there is corruption! Where someone does not take money, there anything is not performed for the benefit of people” – emotionally said the politician.

Saakashvili called on to restore order in the country, and recalled the days when he was “President of a small Georgia”. According to him, to get 40 million euros for the repair of the road was not for him problems.

“I would have said night and at 6 am it would start construction! (…) So much to mock people, to year to promise and do nothing… This is absolutely unacceptable,” — said the Governor.

The intention to transfer the workplace in a tent at the repair of the highway Odessa — Reni of Odessa region Governor said on Sunday, June 5. Saakashvili noted that dissatisfied with the intensity and volume of financing of works.

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