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Monday, March 19, 2018

How to attract partners with sidewalks

Kaluga — a city of beautiful sidewalks. Sidewalks even small side streets there are lined with solid tiles. A dozen years ago about such “civilization” kaluzhane and could not dream. And when the whole city suddenly started working and the streets began to pave one after the other, even thought: “what did the Governor of a small factory for the production of tiles? The secret was simple: decent sidewalks — one of the requirements that presented to the authorities of the region investors are eyeing the region closely adjacent to the Moscow and Moscow region.

photo: pixabay.com

The favorable geographical position have many regions, but not many with mind manage. Kaluga region managed to find the path of development and to apply their potential. Helped developed infrastructure, including transport, and the science base inherited from the Soviet period. How the region became the flagship of the innovative development, the journalists of Russia and Belarus have shown, in fact — during the press tour, organized by the Permanent Committee of the Union state.

About the ways of development of the region government of the Kaluga region was conceived back in 90-ies. For a basis decided to take the cluster approach. Today in the Kaluga region there are more than 10 modern industrial clusters – agriculture, automotive, cluster, construction materials and Metalworking. cluster aerospace technology of polymeric composite materials and structures, transportation and logistics.

But the highlight of the region is a pharmacological cluster. Center, Pharmacy, biotechnology and Biomedicine” Kaluga region was formed in 2011. And in 2012 he was legally formalized in the form of non-commercial partnership “Kaluga pharmaceutical cluster” (NK KFK). Formed a completely self-contained system — from the training, which involved the Kaluga regional basic medical College, center for the practical training at the Department of Pharmaceutical and radiopharmaceutical chemistry “MEPhI”, innovative scientific-educational centre, Kaluga state University, scientific-educational center on the basis of JSC “PA” and others. To production .

An important link of this chain is to develop new and original pharmaceuticals and their implementation. Kaluga region in this respect is lucky: the town of Obninsk is famous for its scientific base and personnel. In the mid-90s, the science city has experienced the best times of stagnation, but then after the default and the first crisis, when relying on his strength again become relevant for the country – it has moved from a dead point. In 98-m to year was created a group of companies “Medbiopharm. And in 2011 on its platform appeared “Park of active molecules”, which implements projects in the field of innovative Biopharmaceuticals. AK PAM has been developing drugs in the cardiovascular, antiviral field, Oncology, neuroscience, diagnostic test-systems. To their scientific developments are showing interest “bison” world of pharmacology. Some of which even made the decision to move part of production to Russia — closer to the developers. . Today several major international and Russian farmanara opened their businesses in the Kaluga region, in the cluster included medium and small innovative companies. All pharmacological cluster region now includes 62 member.

The cluster is a convenient and modern form of organization of production. But how to attract to the region the participants in this process? And here Kaluga oblast has found its way. “When in 90-e years we thinking about attracting investors, I asked the question to business people: “What’s stopping you to organize production in Russia? – tells reporters the Governor of the region Anatoly Artamonov, – They noted four important points: the high bureaucracy of the process, high levels of corruption, poor infrastructure, high tax burden.”. In addressing these challenges and focused. And to solve them easier appeared at the sites of Industrial parks.”

About these parks there is much talk throughout Russia, but few is how it looks in reality. On the example of Kaluga region, for example, it looks like. Development Corporation of the Kaluga region identifies land suitable for future location of production and creates the necessary infrastructure, builds roads, brings electricity, gas, communications, water, sewage, building sewage treatment plants. And then offers these “ready to use” platform of the future investor.

In the “package” as well — tax breaks and a personal “business angel” by the Agency of regional development , which helps you quickly and without delay to solve administrative and legal issues on registration of the investment contract. With such comfortable conditions for business creation in the region for a few years appeared 12 industrial parks, which from 2006 to 2015 is open about 90 productions. All in all, the region is now being implemented more than 160 investment projects.

Every passer-by on the Kiev highway with your own eyes can observe how rapidly along the highway grow a huge body of various enterprises. On the territory of industrial Park there may be several dozen. For example, the closest to the Moscow Park “Vorsino” gathered on its platform in 1 844 ha 25 productions of various kinds: here and foreign companies producing electronics, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and domestic producers of building materials, furniture, metalwork. Here was also located a transport-logistics center “Freight village Vorsino”, which without much pomp fit into the “New silk road” being the largest “transit point” on this route. While Ukraine PR your the only train of 12 cars, which must through two seas to deliver cargo from Europe to China within 15 days, freight village “Freight village Vorsino” 5 Feb safely adopted its first container train from the Chinese port of Dalian , who spent the journey in 9 days. Now the Center is ready to receive 150 thousand containers per year with a subsequent power increase to 350 thousand. Unlike the current sea route, the shipping time which takes up to 50 days, a new rail route can significantly reduce the time and cost of transportation. He will also become one of the fastest land routes from major ports of China to Eastern Europe.

There are roads and communications — there are investors and there are investors and there are new roads, and it’s active construction of housing and even airports. Yes, in Kaluga for exactly a year now has its own international airport. To return to a life stunted in the 90-ies internal aerodorom for basing small agricultural aviation, turning it into a modern air Harbor, decided in 2013-m to year. Fortunately the occasion was perfect: German employees of the nearby (in the industrial Park Grabtsevo ) automobile “Volkswagen” on holidays and weekends used to fly home. But to Moscow they had to get far away…Now flights from Kaluga to Geramny are carried out regularly — 2 times a week. At the moment, from the airport “Kaluga” are also flying to Sochi , St. Petersburg, Simferopol…

On the question of how foreign investors reacted to the sanctions, the Kaluga region Governor smiled: “They began to open their new businesses with less PR and a loud presentation. My job here now they do not advertise, but are not going to fold”. And a huge building full boiling region, a proof.

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