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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

A former employee of NASA released the lunar alien bases

In the Internet appeared the moon’s surface, which, reportedly, was published by a former NASA employee Ken Johnson. Published in the center of the frame is a module of the mission “Apollo” on the moon, and the right-hand side you can see a few points where with a little imagination you can see buildings on the lunar surface. Ufologists have already managed to declare that the picture captures the base of aliens.

photo: youtube.com

The relationship with a sort of “city” aliens points makes the fact that most of them are located fairly smooth parallel rows. Ufologists have considered this fact sufficient to consider the hypothesis that on the moon there are alien structures, proven. Although the caption to the video, dedicated to the “discovery” States that Ken Johnson was a NASA astronaut, in fact he played in the American aerospace Agency of the other functions.

This is not the first of this year the news is devoted to a hypothetical moon bases aliens. In January ufologist Sebastian, Spele said that they discovered points on the lunar surface constitute about 50 buildings located close to each other and representing a kind of three “neighborhoods.”

And relatively recently, ufologists from groups called called Secure Team 10 announced that the alien base was discovered them directly on the Ground, or rather on the bottom of the Pacific ocean. A few hills with unusual shapes and striations on the bottom, resembling a kind of highway, inspired the self-proclaimed experts on aliens on the idea that in the depths of the ocean the aliens may be less active than in space.

Messages about UFOs, mysterious structures and even living beings on other planets appear in the global network often. Just recently, another “sensational” news of this kind was proposed docking of the ISS with a UFO (actually, according to many who have seen the relevant footage, UFO ufologists could make the meteorite).

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