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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The state Duma has started to expel absentees: Ponomareva and Mitrofanov deprived of the mandate

Faction “Fair Russia” has started the procedure of deprivation of mandates for non-performance of their parliamentary duties against Ilya Ponomarev and Alexei Mitrofanov, who is almost two years in hiding abroad from prosecution. The problem is that formally, these members continue to work in the Duma, because he left a power of attorney colleagues…

photo: Alex geldings

In taken recently votes “ER”, “SR” and LDPR the law says that on the initiative of the faction, the member of which the Deputy is, or Committee to which he is assigned, can be raised the question about deprivation of powers in case of non-performance “for 30 or more calendar days” of their duties. Then the appeal of the faction or Committee of the Commission on ethics, and it is voted on in plenary.

The duties of the Deputy spelled out in the Law “On the status member of the Federation Council and state Duma Deputy…”. He must personally participate in the meetings of the Council and of the Committee — but may leave a power of attorney, handing over its voice counterpart, the leadership of the faction or Committee. He needs to work in the region to which he has attached the party in person to receive voters “not less than once in 2 months” and hold meetings with them at least once in 6 months.” How is it possible to deny the authority for failure to conduct meetings with voters within 30 days is unclear, but possible…

When the law was adopted, the just Russia spoke about the intention to take away a mandate from formally remaining a member of the faction Ilya Ponomarev — he voted against the annexation of Crimea in 2014, and almost two years hiding from prosecution abroad. Second in the list on the departure of the just Russia was Alexei Mitrofanov: he with June 2014, is accused of attempted fraud and Home since then did not return.

The law came into force on 6 may 2016. 30 calendar days have passed. And here at the meeting of the faction “WED” June 6, decided to start the procedure of deprivation of office of these two members. Sergey Mironov has explained to journalists: “during the month, none of them had in the plenary hall, nor in Committee nor in their regions does not appear. “We don’t care what the decision of the Duma — we will get cold and realize that we are talking of deprivation of office until October, when they gather the new Duma, but we can’t help but put this question, only then our conscience is clear,” — said the leader of the faction.

By the way, otherwise the law adopted by the deputies, those who will not work in the new convocation, will receive a salary and use social benefits current MPs before the start of the December 2016…

What evidence of guilt Ponomarev and Mitrofanov collected fraction?

Mr. Mironov said that the attendance of the courtroom leads the faction. Were sought and committees: Ponomarev assigned to the Committee on economic policy, Mitrofanov, to the Committee on information policy, information technologies and communications. Wrote in party offices and the legislative Assembly in their regions: g-n Mitrofanov attached to the Novgorod, Tver and Vologda regions, and g-n Ponomarev — to Novosibirsk.

“In the regions they do not appear”, — has assured “MK” first Deputy head of the faction “just Russia” Mikhail Emelyanov. But as the committees and the plenary — it is not so simple.

Itself g-n Mironov has informed that g-n Mitrofanov has left a power of attorney to vote in his Committee head Leonid Levin (“CP”). Usually leave the deputies power of attorney or specific vote, or once a year, and such, for 2016, was sent by Mr. Mitrofanov. And in the letter addressed to speaker Sergei Naryshkin truants reported that absent for health reasons.

“Some of the power of attorney left and Ponomarev”, — he admitted.

Not some, but quite a material. “Long-term authorization to a vote in the boardroom Ilya Ponomarev I, and I vote,” confirmed “MK” Dmitry Gudkov (“CP”).

On the personal page of each Deputy on the official website of the state Duma has information about all the voting in the plenary hall. On 20 may, the Deputy Ponomarev, for example, voted for a law to toughen liability for sexual crimes against minors, and on a number of issues refrained. “They will vote tomorrow,” — has assured g-n hooters.

“So what? We know that physically they were missing!” — assure in “CP”.

But legally, they are in the Duma were present! No difference between virtual and personally submitted votes no, and if there was, half of the decisions of the state Duma would not have been accepted!

What will do now the Commission on Deputy ethics it is hard to say. Deputy Chairman of the Commission Andrey Andreev (Communist party) said “MK”, that “the precedents have not yet been”, but “the Commission, in accordance with the law and regulations of the state Duma, will consider the issue and take an appropriate decision, and then its the decision of the chamber.

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