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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The new law, the old inventory

Taxes stifle. In the past year dramatically increased the tax on land. This is for houses and apartments.

Previously, the taxes were calculated from the inventory value of the object, therefore, were acceptable. Now they are calculated from the cadastral value, which should equal the market.

But it does not equal the market.

Cadastral value of the property, as a rule, higher than the market by about a third. And it is a mass phenomenon.

Tax on apartments and houses is introduced in stages. This year we pay only 20% of the amount of the tax, and another 40% only in 2020 — 100%. Therefore, citizens have not yet realized what mad money have to pay for housing and land. But you will soon.

The authority understands that the approach to state cadastral valuation was chosen wrong. She sees the error that the evaluation was conducted by commercial firms. Therefore, the government has drafted a new law in order to continue it was already dealing with not commercial firms and budget institutions.

The draft law “On state cadastral evaluation” yesterday I heard in the first reading in the state Duma. A lot of comments. But almost all — not on the merits. Because essentially for the citizens of this new law changes nothing.

Yes, a little easier to challenge the cadastral value if its definition contains a technical error. But if the error is not technical, but simply you can’t sell your apartment for the money, in which it was assessed, it is not the market price! — to challenge her remains will be extremely difficult and expensive.

The new law gives no guarantee that budgetary institutions property will now be assessed at its real market price. Guaranteeing mechanism is not there.

If, for example, the law was written: the state is obliged to buy from a citizen of his property at the cadastral value, if for the money he will not be able to sell it on the market — it would be some no guarantee that kosienski it will not inflate nor at his own carelessness, or on orders from above.

Or if banks with state participation has pledged to give the citizen a loan secured by real estate based on its cadastral value, — this, too, there’d be no guarantee.

In any case, the state and the owner equally would be interested in a fair assessment.

Now the state is interested in the assessment too high. The higher it is, the more money in the budget to pay citizens.

And the citizens are naturally interested in the assessment understated. But the rules of the game are set not by them, and their interest in the law not reflected.

The state Duma yesterday hotly criticized the government bill. Demanded to expand the committees upon the contestation of the cadastral value, to introduce members of the public, to legislate a pre-trial procedure for error correction, to involve professional evaluators or, conversely, does not involve a professional appraisal… But on the plans of Executive power is not affected, the Law on state cadastral valuation was adopted in the first reading.

Its implementation will cost taxpayers 1 billion 105 million rubles. These funds must be paid by the regions from the Federal budget does not allocate planned.

The law will come into force on 1 January 2017. The regions will move to the new evaluation system until 2020, spending 13 million a year.

Now the regions have no such money, but they will soon be collected — with taxes on apartments, houses and land plots, estimated about a third more expensive than what they actually are.

Maybe more than one-third. As anyone lucky.

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