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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Maidan in Belarus will not: KGB vs

Last Saturday in the center of Grodno was a landmark for Belarus event: festival of national cultures. While Russian policy in the course of the race trying to score points in interethnic conflicts, I propose to call the arc de Triomphe in Grozny in honor of General Yermolov, and their Ukrainian colleagues are already warming themselves by the fire of the civil war, Belarusians make every effort to build a unified multi-ethnic state.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

In the procession from Lenin square to Sovetskaya was attended by about 40 nationalities. The whole town greeted them with balloons, flashing cameras, applause and laughter. And the center of Grodno was lined with tables of food and beverages for its residents and guests. The most numerous delegations were Belarusians, Russians, Ukrainians, poles and Lithuanians. But there were some exotic for Belarus nation, like the Chinese, eat fire, Sinhalese, disguised as an Asian demons, as well as the Syrians, Palestinians, Nigerians and others. After the parade, each of them went to their backyard, where they continued to dance, sing folk songs and entertain passers-by with its national cuisine.

According to the head of the foreign Ministry of Belarus Vladimir Makei, BelTA has been holding this festival for 20 years. The Minister noted that thanks to this holiday of Belarusians prove the unifying essence of the nation. “We are for peace, and peace – for us!” – he stressed. “In our country every citizen has equal opportunities regardless of nationality or creed” – supported Makei, Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Natalia Kachanova.

However, for the budget of the country and even the region the festival is a great encumbrance. “A significant role in the conduct of our events playing themselves out of the Diaspora and philanthropists, to help them with costumes and other equipment. Because of this, we are holding the festival for the eleventh time, and this year our patron is the UNESCO – told by Grodno oblast Governor Vladimir Kravtsov.

“MK” has decided to confirm, is it all good actually, and talked to participants and organizers of the national festival of farms.

“In Belarus, home to about two million Iranians, half of them students, and other entrepreneurs. Our Embassy has fully cooperated with local authorities in the field of culture and therefore could not pass to the festival. The more such activities the better people will get to know each other, and behind them, States will strengthen their friendship. However, Belarusians have a very high tolerance for other cultures. This is evident even in how the festival, there was no conflict, no quarrel,” – says “MK” councillor for culture of the Embassy of Iran to Belarus Seyed Safai.

“My name is Abdul, I came from Palestine to learn to be a doctor, – shares impressions with “MK” another native from the Middle East – There are very good conditions, so I don’t even know to go home or not. This is a very clean country with very good people, many of whom have become my friends. Perhaps even finish residency here”

As told “MK” the honored sculptor of Dagestan, the head of Dagestan-Chechen Khizri farmstead Asadulaev:”We in Belarus, about 2-2,5 thousand people, only a thousand of whom have citizenship. However, this does not affect the attitude towards us of ordinary Belarusians. There are always some unscrupulous people, which can make a controversial statement, but we are under the protection of the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, which monitors ethnic and religious peace and harmony. So this festival gives opportunity for several hours to get acquainted with many cultures around the world. Even in our ensemble in addition to Chechens and Dagestanis dance Belarusians and Russians, and are led by the Azerbaijani Vusal Garayev, very talented guy” – told the “MK” Asadulaev.

However, the main theme of interethnic relations in Belarus still is not Islam, but the neighborhood with the European Union, in particular Poland, which is from Grodno only 20 kilometers. In this regard, the evil tongues like to draw Parallels with the lions, who fancies himself not so much a part of the Ukraine, much of Poland. Will the poles their land back, and will be delighted if this Grodno?

“I as born in the Soviet Union know of no other modern state, where so well would apply to all nationalities living in the country. Therefore, it is important for us is to read his poems and love songs to Russia. Don’t know whether we will hear, but we hope to be able to help her in cultural terms,” – says “MK” leader of the concert program to the Russian compound, a physics teacher and labor Peter Seminsky. By the way, in front of the Russian platform, the organizers carefully placed the Ukrainian Diaspora, and perhaps, in some other place this could lead to a scandal, given the tense Russian-Ukrainian relations, but nothing podobnosti was not. “Together with the Ukrainians we curse the heavens and God for the fact that they allowed the war in the Donbass. But we never blamed each other. Moreover, the school where I work, came 5 children of refugees from Lugansk, who have perfectly joined our team. Besides Russian, Ukrainian and Lithuanian companies in Grenoble for many years was based in the same room. Because of this we have developed a strong mutual assistance. But poles sometimes make you nervous, as heard talk that they want to regain their former territory,” concludes Seminsky.

“We here are very good. In my life I have never heard of Belarusians no reproach or contempt against the Ukrainians, especially because our cultures are incredibly strongly associated. For example, we have the same songs, sometimes only slightly different words and melody. In fact, we are one people. But these festivals are still important, as they help the Nations to learn respect for each other, and this is not enough. In addition, the people here feel the same way, as if they were in their homeland. As for our neighbour’s backyard, that we have with the Russians, too, had no problems. In their choir sing a few Ukrainians, and no one complains,” confirms “MK” words of the teacher, the head of the Ukrainian folklore ensemble “VARTA” Irena Sharova.

The poles also don’t feel any pressure, but I try to fight for dominance in the region. “There are a lot of poles, because the border is close! In the rest of us much less Belarus, but in Grodno region great attention is paid to the Polish language and culture. Although statistically less Orthodox Catholics by about 10-20%, we are much more active and consider ourselves one big family. And anyway, every decent journalist from Hrodna, believes that he knows the Polish language, although when they start to speak it, think it would be better if they were silent”, – shared with “MK” student of the Grodno state University, students for teachers of Polish and English languages Galya, Jan and Vic.

However all points over “and” put the average Belarusian citizen Dmitry. “What with the fact that poles want to imagine Grodno? We have, for example, of individual violent head want Smolensk and Vilnius. First, let’s be a bit hard, but the second is possible though tomorrow to go to take. What is Lithuania for our army? Spit and grind. But the same one will not do, because we are a peaceful people, who works, including in the European Union and Russia. Maidan we, too, will not, as the organs, whose name can not be called to work anywhere, anytime and very good. Therefore, do not hurt us, and we’re not going to hurt” he said “MK”.

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