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Friday, July 21, 2017

The loser of the primaries United Russia “looking for myself” on the side

Some deputies of the state Duma of present convocation from “United Russia”, which performed poorly in the primary election or screened out at the stage of preparation, can “find themselves” in the election lists of other parties. This political migration can be perceived as “omnivorous” and bring “defectors” reputational damage, experts say.

Former Governor of Chelyabinsk region Mikhail Yurevich, may 18, which withdrew from participation in the primaries of the party “United Russia”, is in talks with several other parties to participate in elections. About it on Monday have informed RIA “news” the head of election headquarters of Yulia Yurevich Bobylev. According to her, the former head of the region leads negotiations “with one party and not two, but multiple”, however, the head of the election headquarters did not specify which ones.

“The participation of members of “United Russia”, the loser of the primaries, in the lists of other parties should carry benefits for these parties. We can assume that most often it is financial gain”

In addition, recently there were reports that a number of current deputies of the state Duma from “United Russia”, participated in the primaries, but not past it, consider the possibility of his nomination for election in 2016 on the lists of other parties.

We will remind that by results of preliminary voting of the EP, in the next Duma will be more than 100 current deputies-United Russia 238. In addition to those fifty people who lose the procedure of inner-party voting, some deputies did not take part in it and, most likely, will not be included in the election lists. Their 55: 45 members of Parliament did not apply, and another 10 dropped out before the voting day, recalled, commenting on the voting process, the Secretary of General Council of “United Russia” Sergei Neverov.

“No one bothered enough to actively campaign”

Called and specific names of the deputies who allegedly, after the failure in the primary election can change party affiliation. In particular, it is reported that a member of the Duma Committee on security and combating corruption United Russia Boris Reznik considers possibility of inclusion in the list “Fair Russia”. However, the MP does not confirm this information (at least not yet), and guide the spravedlivorossov refrain from commenting.

Sergei Neverov, may 27, summing up the results of the preliminary voting on a number of sectors, explained the reasons for the defeat of Boris Reznik fact that regional policy was more popular in the Khabarovsk single-mandate constituency, where he ran for MP and was able to conduct a more active campaign. Secretary of the General Council “United Russia” reminded that reside in district 505 thousand voters, and pointed to the fact that Resnick works in the state Duma of the fourth convocation.

“It is important to note that Boris L., probably for their own reasons did not sign an agreement between the candidates about the conduct of a joint campaign and to accept the will of the voters,” said Neverov. “The winner (the vote in the district) Boris Gladkikh, who is the Chairman of the standing Committee on construction, housing and communal services and fuel and energy complex of the Khabarovsk territory, led an active campaign and managed to mobilize the electorate – said the Secretary of the General Council. – No one was hurt and deputies of the state Duma, it is sufficient to actively engage in this campaign”.

“The scheme was considered”

In addition to Resnick, are mentioned the names of two deputies from “United Russia” – Oleg Savchenko and Michael Slipenchuk (considered to be one of the richest deputies of the state Duma). Savchenko participated in primaries in the Volgograd region, but lost the fight to the Deputy of regional Duma the head of Tsibizova. Slipenchuk withdrew his candidacy since the primaries.

It is argued that both intend to run for MP from the “Party of growth” – reorganized and changed its name of the Right cause party, headed by now is authorized under the Russian President for human entrepreneurs Boris Titov.

“So far, specifically on Savchenko and Slipenchuk negotiations are not conducted, as far as I know,” – said the newspaper VIEW the member of Federal political Council of the “Party of growth” Vyacheslav Maratkanov. Although, he said, such negotiations can lead any of the members of the political Council, and then make the result on the consideration of the Council.

“But on the whole the scheme was considered, he added Maratkanov. – Many of the existing deputies and simply well-known politicians participated in the primaries of “United Russia”. We have one such example is Boris Nadezhdin, who was a member of the Federal political Council of Right cause, participated in the primaries of the EP to “warm up” and increase awareness, and now he will stand in the suburbs on the list “Party of growth”.

This scheme was worked out in the beginning of the election campaign, said Maratkanov, “it is a living schema, it will be necessary to work”.

Zhirinovsky is unlikely to accept “outsiders”

Among the parliamentary parties, which can run for the United Russia party, did not pass a preliminary vote, and mentioned the liberal democratic party – and, as explained by the observers, for no particular reason. “It is unlikely that the MPs who have not passed the primaries, will be in the lists of LDPR, – said in comments the newspaper VIEW the source in the “United Russia”. – It should be recalled that Vladimir Zhirinovsky called on United Russia not to take into its ranks people from the liberal democratic party, if they want to participate in elections from “an United Russia”. Recall that in mid-April, the deputies of the state Duma from LDPR Irina Chirkova, Roman Hudyakov and Dmitry Nosov, saying the pressure within the party that filed the documents to participate in the primaries of “United Russia”.

Even earlier – in March – Zhirinovsky in an interview to “Moskovsky Komsomolets” said that he is not against rotation, but the party will not include candidates of artists, sportsmen and outsiders who remembered the liberal democratic party just before the election”. “Join the party, to work in her five years, show itself – then we can delegate to the polls. Most likely, at the district level, – said the leader of the liberal democratic party. – And after 20 years it is possible to grow the state Duma”.

“It is logical to assume that Zhirinovsky will not be inclined to take in their lists unsuccessful candidates from the EP,” – said the newspaper’s source view in the “United Russia”.

“Deputies cause themselves reputational damage”

“One of the conditions of participation in the primaries of “United Russia” was, as far as I know, the agreement that participants agree with the results of preliminary voting, – said in comments the newspaper VIEW the member of the expert Council of the Institute of socio-economic and political studies (ISAPI) Alexei Zudin. – The decision to participate in elections to the state Duma the other parties, although not formally violate that agreement, but actually violate it”.

According to the expert, and such an important moment, as reputational costs. “People who, after losing primaries in the party, make a decision to move forward from other parties, in my view, damage its reputation, says Zudin. – They demonstrate that for them, by and large, doesn’t matter much, from what party to get out.”

And although a certain portion of the electorate does not see any differences between the current Duma parties and the factor of party affiliation estimates is low, however, this circumstance (today the man is in the same party, tomorrow will be elected from the other), most likely, the voters will be assessed negatively, he said.

“The question may arise to what extent such a person is worthy of trust and support in the elections – thus, the deputies cause themselves reputational damage. As it is, in fact, show the election – we will have a good opportunity to check”.

Best candidates

“Certainly, the participation of members of “United Russia”, the loser of the primaries, in the lists of other parties should carry benefits for these parties. I think we can assume that most often it is financial gain,” she said in an interview with the newspaper LOOK the head of “Political expert group” Konstantin Kalachev.

Although, the expert, the variant in which the party in a particular region there is no strong representative, and the loser of the primaries people (even if he can’t ensure victory in an electoral district) can contribute to the common Fund of the party a number of votes. “Such parties as LDPR, “Fair Russia” or “homeland”, do not claim to “50% + 1 vote”. Sometimes it is enough and 5-7-10% in the region,” says Kalachev.

“It is not necessary to row all under one comb”

“Although from a moral point of view the actions of this politicians they may not look the best, but the situations are different,” – said Kalachev.

The Deputy may count that “won an administrative resource, has won the mobilization capacity, but should still look at the ratings of popularity”, said the expert. “So I wouldn’t have to row all under one comb. There are regions where primaries took place in a situation of open and fair competition, but there are regions where the losers rightly complained that their participation in the primaries tried to prevent”, – said Kalachev. According to the interlocutor, the same Deputy Savchenko talks about participation on the other list, it is referring to the fact that his “in the primaries were punished”.

A preliminary vote is a competition not only your personal popularity but also of the organizational and mobilization capacity, re-emphasizes the expert. “It can be assumed that where a particular candidate played up administrative resources, the purity of the experiment was disturbed, to judge by the Hamburg account will be possible after the elections. In General, deputies have to accept the results of the primaries, but there are some cases when it is possible to understand the motivation of the person,” sums up Kalachev.

Heavyweights can give way

We will add that at the same time between the parliamentary parties are continuing negotiations on the possibility of an agreed stand as candidates. We will remind as reported previously the newspaper VIEW, state Duma is preparing an agreement under which “United Russia” “Fair Russia” LDPR and the Communist party in the upcoming parliamentary elections will not nominate competitors in the districts which will “key” the candidates from each of the factions. In particular, the fact of such negotiations confirmed previously Vice-speaker of the state Duma, Secretary of General Council of “United Russia” Sergei Neverov.

As reported by the newspaper VIEW the source close to the negotiations, at the moment, despite the statements of the Communist party of unwillingness to participate in the “responsibility districts”, the Communists have also shown interest in talks to provide its candidates a more comfortable fight.

Earlier, a source explained that the parties wish to agree not to nominate competitors in districts where there are “key” for one party’s candidates are political heavyweights who are already working in the lower house of Parliament, and especially important for his faction. It was reported that we can talk about the ten candidates from each party.

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