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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The French head of the Union told about the action at Euro 2016

A few days remain before the opening in France of the European championship on football Euro-2016). While in the country for that week are continuing the strike because of the project of labor reform. For a strike in Paris public transport, in rail and in airports has increased strikes in many oil companies and petrol stations across the country. We talked about the situation with the head of a major French trade Union.

photo: AP

“MK” asked the head of the trade Union “labour force” (Force Ouvrière) Jean-Claude to Maya to learn it will not hurt the protest movement the football championship.

— Did the current tense situation on your stock? Do you not think that should stop them at least temporarily? Or, on the contrary, you are not going to stop the fight, despite Euro 2016?

-Firstly, we, the representatives of trade unions, believe that the state itself is responsible for this situation.

It all started because of differences of opinion about the bill. If it was not, we would, of course, did not organize the demonstration. However, after the first demonstrations, the government slightly revised the bill. But at the moment we believe that the power comes very hard, because she refuses any significant changes to the bill. And it is this radical reaction led to the intensification of trade unions.

First, we have been demonstrating every week, but since the state changed its position, we decided to start the strike movement, which still continues.

I would argue that if the government gets in the way of discussions, we agreed to suspend the strike. But in fact, the state only worsens the situation. On the other hand, we are not going to block Euro 2016, because many of our supporters also want to watch it. But we are now preparing for the national demonstration, which is scheduled for June 14 in Paris, because the French team is not playing that day. And it proves once again that we have no desire to block the championship. Mostly we’ll be there handing out leaflets with information.

However, we are not able to fully control the situation, and the action in the period of the football championship is not excluded. But I repeat that we don’t want that. This is to some extent what the government wants to blame the unions. Moreover, it’s been a week since we lost contact with the state. I only managed to communicate with the Prime Minister, and he said that now is not going to reconsider the bill, and if there will be any changes, it is only the beginning of July. So we’re still not going to change their position.

— You claim that the strike movement will not interfere with the football event. And employees at the main trade Union CGT (CGT) recently announced the desire to continue demonstrations and strikes, despite the Euro 2016. How can we explain such divergent views?

— No, the WCL is also confirmed that all the strike does not affect the football championship.

— According to a survey published on the website of Le Monde, 8 out of 10 French people, mostly young people, believe that the social climate may prevent recovery of the French economy. Also 54% of French people are experiencing fatigue from long lasting social movement. As trade unions perceive such information?

— You know, if we compare the current situation with the transport strike of 1995, which lasted 3 weeks, we can say that the effects are about the same. In General, interference of trade unions does not bring relevant effect in terms of the economy. But it really affects people psychologically.

Now the French economy is showing signs of recovery, though they are still very weak. But the authorities for some reason decided to give more substance to the bill than the state of our economy, and this, in my opinion, a huge mistake that has led to a social movement. But of course I know that such movements are not able to fix the economic problems for which initially the responsibility of the state.

— Do you think that all these actions you now take, positive impact on the people and on the government? Can you say that you are satisfied with the result?

— The difficulty of our work is the constant collision with disappointment. We see now that the government introduces bills that do not meet the projects that President Francois Hollande proclaimed, when he led the campaign, and these bills depart from the principles of socialism. In the end, between Sarkozy and Hollande difference is not particularly evident, and this is what causes us dissatisfaction.

Watch the video on “the strike In France workers of nuclear power plants and oil refineries”

In connection with the reform of labour legislation in France, the striking workers of oil refineries and nuclear power plants. This has led to a shortage of gasoline, although large-scale blackout promise not to allow.

Video published on the website youtube.com user PRW1888

Euro 2016 football. Chronicle of events

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