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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Shooters, stroking the cat the Grumpy, lashed out at Putin

Former “commander of the army of DNR” Igor Girkin (arrows) gave the second a few days loud interview. First, on Friday, was published on the portal Znak.com the second came Sunday in The Guardian.

photo: youtube.com

The British edition of the Shooters said that he was disappointed in Vladimir Putin. “He crossed the Rubicon, but then suddenly stopped and illogical. He did not give up, but not moving forward. He has no ideas and he seems to be waiting for a miracle. He is stuck in a quagmire,” writes the British edition.

Said the Gunners and his current status in which it is awarded, but not planted, allowing to conduct political activities: “I’m uncomfortable figure for them (the authorities — ed.) they don’t know what to do with me: I’m a hero or a terrorist? They can’t arrest me, because in this case, it turns out that they admire the West, calling me a terrorist. But they are uncomfortable and to reward me.

The edition notices that all this “fat” Strelkov said in his small Moscow office, stroking manguna (rock cats) named Grumpy.

My interview with Igor Strelkov – and his Grumpy cat – on the Ukraine war, and Putin’s future https://t.co/2NRE4BS1FJ pic.twitter.com/ZLZkMR18C4

— Shaun Walker (@shaunwalker7) 5 June 2016.

Read about the prospects of the shooting at the Hague.

More fully their political views, the former “commander of the army DND” revealed in an interview Znak.com. According to him, task him and his associates is to create “the force that can save the country”.

The arrow confirmed that he was disappointed in Putin and even removed his portrait from the wall, sending for the wardrobe. He explained that the current economic “liberal” model (as its ideology, he called Alexei Kudrin) represents the “tube economy” to “encumbrance” in the form of state institutions.

Watch the video on “Igor Strelkov on the situation in Ukraine

One of the leaders of the unrecognized Donetsk national Republic Igor Strelkov appeared before the journalists at a briefing, where he spoke about the current situation in Ukraine, about the possible developments of the armed conflict and how, in his opinion, to end the war. Details in the video.

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