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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Rosturizm has declared war on the last minute

Rosturizm has promised to fight attempts of dumping in the sale of vacation packages. The regulator in conjunction with the CPS and the aviation authorities will analyze the situation with weekly monitoring of prices for all public resorts, where the rest Russians. To date, there are no manifestations of “price wars” in tourism have not found. According to authorities, the majority of tour operators in key areas of work in the same price range. There are discounts, but they are short term. However, in case of detection of a clearly understated price tag, the company-the violator will be taken to control. At least, she would have to explain where did this trip cost.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

In the future, the Federal tourism Agency promises data on all detected cases of dumping direct to the competent authorities for more specific investigation. “Competition among market players needs to be healthy. We will fight attempts of dumping, which can destroy the whole tourist market”, — said the head of the Federal tourism Agency Oleg Safonov. He also recalled the events of 2014, when almost one after another ceased its operation of travel agencies 27. Clients many of them were at that moment on holiday abroad without return tickets. Guilty then admitted some players in the market, are unreasonably understated prices, which ultimately led to a serious crisis in the industry.

Experts agree that the initiative itself is necessary, but without serious changes in the legislation remains viable. On the one hand, with the definition of “dumping” is no problem. It is clearly spelled out in the antitrust law. That’s only according to him dumping can only dominate on the market of the company, and all the rest is healthy competition. “As a rule, against the dumping of the tour operator cannot take any action. Exposing obviously the lower price the firm, for example, can explain the presence of appropriate arrangements with the air carrier or hotels that from a legal point of view is not punishable. Therefore, it is not clear who and how it will control and suppress,” – notes press Secretary of the Russian Union of travel industry Irina Tyurina.

Director of the Association “Turpomosch” Oleksandr Osaulenko confirmed “MK” that the legislative levers of regulatory authorities, really, not much. The calculation is made rather on the consciousness of the tour operators. “I hope that tour operators will make you think the fact that the situation of dumping is under the control of the leadership of the industry. The universal publicity of the “wrong” pricing policy threatens companies with reputational losses,” – said Osaulenko.

However, the interviewed firms questioned the approval of the Federal tourism Agency that today the market is absolutely free from “price wars”. The tour two times cheaper than the market, for example, sell some tour operators in Spain. A lot of the problems with so-called dynamic pricing, is also used by a number of travel agencies. In this case the price may vary depending on the demand: the lower it is, the cheaper tours are equal and opposite. All this only confirms that the track dumping the travel Agency is not easy.

While for consumers, the dumping is not an absolute evil. Yes, dumping the travel Agency may be “pig in a poke”. There is no guarantee that the crazy discounts — not a sign of agony, which will end with bankruptcy of the tour operator. But at the same time the “price wars” give the opportunity to go in the summer to the coveted sea by the voucher, which is cheaper than the cost of the ticket. “To give an example, when a few years ago I spoke on the radio condemning some firms selling tours to Cyprus at dumping price of just 99 euros. The audience then broke the phone of the radio station, trying to figure out the name of the company”, – continues Irina Tyurina. However, according to the source, hotels customers dumping of tour operators generally do not favor is the low budget audience with the appropriate cultural behavior. With such a small contingent who are willing to work.

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