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Friday, October 21, 2016

Putin invited the Jews to buy gas, which declined from Poland

At a press conference after talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Vladimir Putin was asked how he refers to Poland’s decision to abandon the purchase of Russian gas after the completion of the existing contract. “The Jews have nothing to do with!” – sincerely was surprised the President. However, a little thought, was able to find benefits for enterprising children of Israel.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Poland is not the first time publicly refusing from Russian gas. The last statement on this “sensational”, as they say in the Kremlin, the theme sounded at the end of may from the mouth of the Commissioner of the government of Poland on issues of gas and energy infrastructure Peter Naimski. Speaking at the summit of investments in Eastern Europe, he said that Warsaw has no plans to renew long-term contract with Gazprom is valid until 2022. Further procurement is possible only in case if the price is competitive.

According to Vladimir Putin, the Russian monopoly at the corporate level have not yet received the relevant notification from its counterparty – the Polish gas company PGNiG. “But because the statements were made by a government official, and the company that buys us gas, is a state, we believe that this (refusal to conclude a new contract – MK) is possible”, – said the President. He said that Gazprom is studying the situation on the market to make an offer to other partners.

Putin held a meeting with the Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu (11 photos)

Now Poland buys from Russia, 10.2 billion cubic meters of gas annually. According to Putin, these volumes can be sold on the Belarusian-Polish border for all companies – Polish (non-state), Austrian, German, Italian. “Somebody will buy it!” – confidently declared GDP. Then he turned to standing next to Benjamin Netanyahu and voiced the idea, quite worthy of Ostap Bender: “Maybe the Israelis will buy! And then sell back to Poland!”.

Netanyahu politely laughed. After close to Israel on the shelf were discovered gas deposits tel Aviv with a clear conscience refused full cooperation with “Gazprom”, and now buys from Russia, only small volumes of liquefied gas for public transport.

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