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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Pisces, addicted to eating plastic, scared scientists

A group of Swedish researchers from Uppsala University concluded that fish prefer plastic full food just as some teenagers prefer fast food, not healthy eating. However, even the abuse of food from fast food restaurants can hardly be considered beneficial, the unhealthy eating habits of the fish can represent for them a much more serious danger than the burgers for people.

photo: morguefile.com

Scientists began to investigate after he noticed that the amount of plastic in the ocean, according to some estimates, will soon “overtake” the total weight of living fish in it. To find out what it is fraught with consequences, the researchers conducted a series of experiments in which perch fry raised in water with various contents of microparticles of plastic. As a result, the specialists drew attention to a number of negative consequences that could result from their high content. Fry eggs which was in the water with high amount of plastic, less likely to hatch were smaller and less focused in the water. For example, because of weak charm, they could not advance to smell a predator that significantly reduced their chances of survival in a tank with a pike these fish ate about four times faster than those growing in clean water.

However, the most wonderful discovery made by scientists was that grew in water with a high content of plastic fish has developed a very strange preference in food — in place of real food they, if given a choice, would eat plastic, and when a sufficient amount of plastic similar behavior has ruined fish in just two days. In the past to observe such an effect mikroplastika on fish professionals was not possible.

According to experts, if under the influence of the particles mikroplastika perch start eating normal food instead of plastic, it is, in particular, means that the constituent substances will enter the body of fish that feed on perch, “moving” up the food chain and causing extensive damage to entire ecosystems. All this, according to the researchers, suggests that ocean pollution could pose to its inhabitants even more dangerous, than was considered still.

His research scientists published in the journal Science.

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