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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Michael Weller on the red square told about the Lubyanka and freedom

Cold rain does not prevent the writers to pluck the sold out on red square. Loop the crowd of writers during performances, among them alphabetically: Weller, Glukhovsky, Dementiev… hundreds of people come to the pavilion to mingle with their favorite authors in an informal setting, and even the walls of the Kremlin — such another chance may not be.

photo: Ksenia Korobeinikova

From seasoned speaker Michael Weller fans waiting for the promised lecture on “the Future of Russia and world in modern literature”, but there it was. Seeing an interested audience and learning that many have read his latest book “All about life”, the writer begins the speech with the answers to the questions.

Weller, as always, famously interprets historical and literary events: “We know that it is impossible to be free from physical laws. Man lives in a society free from it and also can not be. It’s all relative. Whether there was freedom somewhere more than in Russia? Was. Editor in Soviet times, caught not flea, and the shadow of the fleas. We then were not so good with degrees of freedom. And today we are sitting here, and in the car, “Bread” one night is not taken to the Lubyanka. No one in Moscow does not die of hunger. From this we can conclude that we still live nothing. But freedom is it?”.

The question is not hung in the air, to some extent, answered by the author of the popular trilogy “Metro” Dmitry Glukhovsky: “For me, the ideal, free society can exist when the functions of the state are limited to the maintenance of order and care for the weak, when a person is not afraid that his condition will take away the bandits or people in uniform. In this scenario, we’ll push the country forward. Country – a territory plus population. The grounds have a beautiful, and a population of just zashugannyh. The planning horizon of people tonight, no one assumes that will happen to him in old age. Pay out, pay into the Pension Fund, and you say: “there is no Money, but you hold fast.” I foresaw a lot in his stories about the Homeland, including the Putin and Medvedev diving with aqualungs, the dismissal of Surkov due to the fact that you ran out of inspiration, but the history of the Crimea, even for me was quite fantastic. For such long-term forecasts were not taken, I’m not Jules Verne”.

photo: Ksenia Korobeinikova

To listen Glukhovsky were so many young people that the area was not overcrowded. Writers in the age of wonder – what is the secret of his success: talent or intelligence? It has both, but takes Dmitry simplicity in communication. Answers without reproach even to the silly questions, he offers to take a picture, if he sees that a person wants, but hesitates. Meeting with Glukhovsky lasts longer than planned: he tries to listen to every reader. It is felt that doing it sincerely, out of personal interest, not obligations to the publisher. And this is the secret of his success.

Late for a meeting, Andrey Dementyev finds in the pavilion pandemonium: kids have long been sitting on dads shoulders to see the poet. Dementiev gives visitors joyfully and says, “Sorry I’m late. Arrived at the festival straight off the plane, came from Jerusalem. Any poet without you, the readers, is nothing. I always check their poems for the audience: read and see how to take. If well – include in the book; bad – throw it away. Now I will read you poems from his new collection “the Morning begins with love” and see how they get you”. Readers were happy, a long line stood for the poet to sign the edition.

photo: Ksenia Korobeinikova

But the best gift on the third day of the festival show in the evening – a production of the Orthodox bestseller “Unholy saints” of Bishop Tikhon (Shevkunova). Fragments of stories about the Pskovo-Pechersk monastery read by famous actors, penetration all turns out Dmitry Dyuzheva. In between reading are the Sretensky monastery choir and the ensemble “Russia” to them. Zykina. From the stage sound: “Farewell of Slav”, Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Shostakovich. A cry: the strong impression is made of the sacred history of the “Unholy saints” and the monastic choir, delivered at St. Basil’s Cathedral.

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