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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Last hope

Mr. President, do you agree that Russia is the last hope of God?

The question is important, and besides you there is no one answer. You yourself have repeatedly stated that “in Russia the President is responsible for everything!” — and there is not nothing, then the answer is needed at the highest level.

photo: Alex geldings

In addition, you have had plenty of time to think about this matter from all sides. You every day coming for our country (of Novo-Ogaryovo in Moscow and back) on Rublevsky highway, and there are huge posters talking about God and Russia. Here is the full text: “Russia — a world-dominant power, the last hope of God on earth!”

Somehow, it seems that there is not to “dvushechku” will be typed, and the whole “roundabout”. And here’s why.

Stronger than all confused by the phrase “last hope”. It is used when talking about a desperate, desperate situation. Mired in debt begging: give a loan, you’re my last hope. God has no debts. A dying man implores of the doctor: doctor, you’re my last hope. But God does not die, He is eternal.

Photo: Elena Petrova

And Russia? What I have in mind: state? geography? But God States they do not expect. It requires from man. All the commandments are addressed to the man. Would it not of hope, but the punishment is another matter.

The kingdoms He punished time and again; including the sins of the king (see old Testament). He once drowned all of sinful humanity (see ibid., about the flood). He punished the city for the sins of the citizens of Sodom — what was the system? Certainly not a presidential Republic. And sure enough — they were not punished for the war, and for everyone to hate. God was willing to spare the entire city for the sake of ten righteous, but, alas, they were not. A thousand kingdoms-States disappeared from the face of the earth (some in front of us), and how many more will disappear…

…Russia as a state appeared, conditionally speaking, at the terrible (she was then still quite small). Question: before the rise of Russia God there was no hope or He was hoping on others?

Mr. President, what do you think: if He (let’s say for a minute) hopes for Russia, in what borders? 1913? 1945? 2016? Really, when released, lost Central Asia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, the Baltic States, the Caucasus (Moldova add themselves) — it was God’s will? Does it really take Crimea — God’s will, and to take Donetsk and Lugansk — is not of God? And if so — what have got? So, do not understand wrong, I didn’t catch? About Donetsk did not hear, and about the last hope hear…

Maybe you will say that it’s about spirituality, not about the country and not the state. But the posters advertising it; it was someone doing business on the Holy concepts. The spiritual lesson, right?

Generally a poster is an abomination. Hope is uncertainty and doubt: will or not? Hope can only be of the animal: it knows not whether to find food, escape from enemies. Does not know! And God knows everything in advance (and sometimes people reports, via the prophets).

It’s people need God’s hope, and not Vice versa. But those who every day drive on the ruble and read “Russia is the last hope of God!” read it hundreds of times, day after day. It eats into the brain, and the person believes because it is written. Written in huge letters on the presidential track.

Begin and these people (especially those who represented Russia in the government, in Parliament, in the international arena) to consider themselves the last hope of God. A little more — and His saviors. Here “DUSHECHKA” will not be enough; it’s blasphemy, heresy! And not just once (as danced in HHS some pussy in front of three old women), and repeatedly, daily, in the eyes of the elite and foreign guests.

For example, Mr. President, is on his way to the Patriarch to visit, sees these dubious posters, thinks, and then look at the Breguet: Oh, you’re late! — and forgets. And what is “late”? On a visit to the God is never late! (This mysterious song Vysotsky wrote; and how to understand it? A visit — it is well for a while; maybe for a minute, and then where will send.)

“Last chance!” — and on the sides by tall fences (as much as 7-meter), on top of the barbed wire: whether that someone else not got into it, into the Kingdom of God, or that no one escaped from there.

Many more places, can I have more posters to hang, for example: “the Ruble — Russia’s last hope!” or even better: “Novo-Ogaryovo — the last hope of the ruble!” it’s true; many believe that without you they all are.

Interspersed with “the last hope of God” along your route, Mr. President, and hangs another poster. Huge letters: “I am Russian born and baptized, for the Russian Tsar and God”.

Photo: Elena Petrova

What do you think, Mr. President, of whom — reading these words — I think your Ministers, deputies, the Kremlin’s men and all the others? About Paul I, Nicholas II, Alexander III, Ivan IV? Believe the word: do they think of you.

Of course, the poster in small letters at the bottom specify the author of this heroic phrase: the monk Irinarch. But this one does not have time to read (must be the same and your eyes on the road). And where we recall that Irinarch the wonder-worker, said this about Basil Shuisky, doubtful of the king, who rules in the time of Troubles and only four years — four times smaller than you!

…You have just been on mount Athos, but what where the monks talked to the people is unknown (in some photos you look a bit confused). But if Russia is the last hope of God, then Athos would have to come to you. In General, now you see that the issue, which begins with a letter, directed to the right place. Except you, no one to ask except you nobody will answer.

Some, place, moving all sorts of thoughts, but these are some prefer to wait until you say, ” and that in fact it is possible not to guess and to run into trouble (such as: are you the smartest? or: you climb popered batko in hell? or: who you pulled the tongue? — all sorts of questions only seem to be questions, actually, because it is a threat).

Accidentally, of course, can answer any always prepared Any (from the film “Kill the dragon”), but the answer is Any of this doesn’t matter and nobody cares. And yours is all interesting, it means a lot — no wonder millions of adults and children are trying to ask you in a Straight line, but it lasts only four hours, and then the pumpkin stays a pumpkin, not even having a second to be a coach. Who did not — that was late…

…”Last chance!” I’d really like to read, listen. But there is, as I say, an aggravating circumstance: who is failing — causes contempt and rage.

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