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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Khodorkovsky seized 10 thousand euros awarded

The claim of the former shareholders once the largest Russian oil holding company YUKOS to our government melt away. In April, the court of the Hague acknowledged that the Dutch arbitration ordered Russia to pay $50 billion to Mikhail Khodorkovsky and his partners “don’t have sufficient competence”. Now Khodorkovsky has collected 10 thousand euros, which was awarded to him by the European court of human rights for the alleged moral damage. However, a drop in the sea, because the enforcement proceedings against Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev involves collecting from the Russian budget of 17.5 billion rubles.

Photo: Open Russia

Ten thousand Euro compensation, which was awarded Khodorkovsky on a claim made to the European court of human rights in Strasbourg is still in custody. He complained of the violation of his rights to the protection of property. In July 2013, the ECHR ordered Russia to pay this amount.

According to many experts, the former head of Yukos and numerous attorneys who really care about him, were not needed in their money — even after he ceased to be the main Russian oilman, he left enough money in foreign accounts, to lead a comfortable life. However, this was a precedent that could allow Khodorkovsky to speak at will in the Western countries, that the charges for which he was held in prison for more than 10 years, formed not for economic but for political reasons.

This, in particular, has pushed the arbitration of the Hague in July 2014 to oblige Russia to pay former shareholders of Yukos compensation in the amount of $50 billion (by the way, Khodorkovsky and his partners initially demanded $114 billion). Later, the ECtHR ruled that Russia must pay the former owners of Yukos to 1.86 billion euros as another payment and 300 thousand euros for legal costs.

Many hot heads thought that the European judicial system will continue to favor Khodorkovsky. Turned out to be exactly the opposite.

In April of this court of the Hague has recognized that arbitration of his country, obliging Russia to pay $50 billion, had no legal rights. This decision was reversed, as Russia ratified the Treaty to the energy Charter, which referred to the plaintiffs.

Now came the decision regarding the illegality of the award of Khodorkovsky 10 thousand euros.

But this is not the last decision made not in favor of ex-Yukos head. So, the lower house of the French Parliament began debate on the bill, one provision of which imposes prohibition on seizure of Russian state assets in France at the suit of the former shareholders of Yukos.

However, the political component in the ongoing confrontation between the ex-owners of this company with Russia still remains. It is worth noting that once free in 2013, Khodorkovsky said that will no longer be trying to enter the political arena of Russia or other States. It turned out that it is not. In the fall of 2014, he said he was willing to consider the possibility of becoming Russian President, “if it is necessary to bring the country out of a crisis situation.”

The next stage of the collision, “Khodorkovsky V. Russia” will be held this fall. Supreme court of Berlin was appointed on September 29 consideration of the claim by the former shareholders of this company to our country.

As told “MK” Director of energy development Fund Sergey Pikin, the conflict could drag on for years. “What is doing now, Khodorkovsky’s lawyers and his partners are trying to obtain a court decision to recover from Russia has its own cash requirements or to seize our national assets abroad”, — believes the expert. However, as practice shows, including in France and the Netherlands, the European arbitration more stand on the side of Russia, than go to meet the claims of the former owners of Yukos.

Watch the video on “Khodorkovsky:’ Russian propaganda lies as always…””

The former political prisoner of Russia, made in Kiev. He spoke little, but he spoke with relish – “Russian propaganda is lying as always… the Performance was a quiet but very emotional: “I saw yesterday on the Maidan wonderful people. It’s wonderful people.” He spoke little, but everyone wanted, what he’d said something else (a performance filmed by the Ukrainian fifth channel, and can be viewed on the portal youtube.com published by the user Protiv Putina)

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