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Saturday, February 17, 2018

France did not appreciate the feat of the Ukrainian security services

Ukraine has saved France from a terrible threat. The public told the head of the security Service, Vasyl Hrytsak Square. According to him, the Ukrainian security officers “conducted a special operation, which resulted in prevention in France a series of terrorist attacks, who were preparing for the football championship Euro 2016”. France, in response somehow does not want to let the country Ukrainian fans.

photo: youtube.com

The time of detention.

Imagination paints a heroic picture of the Ukrainian “fighters of invisible front”, together with French colleagues carried out filigree work to identify deep-conspiratorial cells, prepared on the territory of Ukraine a terrible crime against the fans of “Euro 2016”. However, the circumstances of the case, disclosed the head of the SBU, as it is not within the scope of this KGB Saga. According to Vasyl Hrytsak, the security services had detained 25-year-old Frenchman,who under the guise of volunteer bought in the ATO abandoned weapons and explosives. The explosives were for “Euro 2016”. “During the investigation it was established that he was transferred to 5 AKA, more than 5 thousands of rounds of ammunition, 2 RPG, 18 shells for them, 125 pounds of TNT, 100 blasting caps, 20 Balaclava…I think no need to explain what could be the destruction in the case of 125 kilograms of explosives,” — said hrycak. According to the head of the SBU, they were volunteer-terrorist from December 2015, the year when he arrived in Ukraine.

Orders were…And then the car loaded with TNT, ammunition and assault rifles, at the wheel which sat the Frenchman, pulled over by the border guards at the checkpoint of the Ukrainian-Polish border Yagodin. It was may 21. The border guards opened the trunk, and there…And if not opened? What kind of RAID then would report Hrytsak? Or he wanted to say that the car is not specially touched up to the border, to better was? And why would not detain the terrorist at the time of transfer quintals of explosives and piles of rifles? As this film shows. It also led to the Dec. At the same time would be tied and those who trade Ukrainian weapons from the zone ATO. That disclosed the chain of illegal supply of arms , by the way, hrycak not a word is said. Suicide-a Frenchman is, and suppliers-there are no Ukrainians.

Ukrainian media immediately suggested that the volunteer downloaded weapon “separatists”. However, well hrycak says the Frenchman, “under the guise of volunteer work began to establish contacts with representatives of the military forces in the East of our country. The Frenchman promised volunteer help, to bring gear and other stuff. But in the process of further communication, he began to show interest, is it possible in Ukraine to buy weapons, explosives, other means of destruction”. European volunteers help the Ukrainian army and volunteer battalions, not the militia DND and LNR. Otherwise there would have been able so easy to move around the Square.

Speaking of terrorist. This is why he views about Ukraine that scoring machine to the eyeballs with TNT and detonators, made a Beeline for the border crossing point. Not the forest trails his prey was carrying, but in arrogant. It may not have all these explosives was included in the Declaration because it and found? Or his associates reported that an impressive bundle of beautiful European pieces of paper from the Square you can take anything you want?

In General, Bravo, the Ukrainian security services. Nicely reported on the work done. France, however, while this is not appreciated. Scientific Director of the Institute for Euro-Atlantic cooperation Oleksandr Sushko has complained that the French Consulate denies Ukrainian visas. “At the moment there are tens of thousands of failures and “hung” at the Consulate requests that were not addressed for weeks. At the current pace of consideration of visa applications by the French (and today passport not received even a fraction of those who went in mid may and did EN masse – the applicants of the third decade) a lot of people will not go and will be a big scandal,” said Sushko. Maybe because it took the head of the SBU to tell the French from the danger they were saved Ukraine.

Watch the video on “Posted a video of the detention SBU French Islamist with a truck of weapons”

SBU detained a Frenchman who was going to organize terrorist attacks in France. The process of capture of the criminal was recorded on video. Also the head of the SBU Vasily Gritsak reported the disclosure of the terrorist group, planning a series of terrorist attacks in the European championship on football which will pass in 2016.

Video published on the website youtube.com user BEZPEKA Service of Ukraine

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