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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Experts: the capture of Aktobe prepared from Dagestan

The second day of the regional center in Western Kazakhstan, Aktobe lives in the RAID. Monday morning appeared first preliminary report on the results unfolded in the city fighting for army weapons depots were destroyed 12 militants, 6 taken prisoner. During the assault on the city, the criminals killed 6 people, including security forces, wounded another 40, of which 9 are in critical condition.

photo: youtube.com

Monday morning began for the residents of Aktobe with disabled Internet and messaging via SMS and TV on the conduct of the city’s anti-terrorist operation. However, even hovering over a city helicopters came as no surprise to the townspeople, because of the attack of militants they learned on Sunday.

“Religious radicals”, as dubbed by the interior Ministry of Kazakhstan, Aktobe was attacked on the afternoon of June 5. Their first aim was the gun shop “Pallada”, the seller which, before being stabbed to death, managed to turn the alarm on. The challenge was two employees of a private security company, one of the terrorists was killed and another wounded extracted from the weapons shop. Then came three police officers, who also almost lost their lives and even allowed the criminals to take on the patrol car 3 17 rifled and smooth-bore hunting rifles, 3 gas pistol, bullets and knives.

After a successful RAID, the terrorists were divided into two groups, one of which moved on the extracted police car. A gang of 6 people attacked the second gun shop “Panther”. Still saving bullets, they killed one visitor, and the second seriously wounded. But now the security forces arrived at the scene in full combat readiness and were able to kill 3 bandits, and one to hold. The remaining tried to flee from police, but were eliminated outside of the city.

The second group of attackers decided to act more brazenly. They took the bus, dropped off all passengers and the driver, and then they rammed gate of military unit No. 6655. Breaking into the military base of the terrorists heavy fire immediately killed 3 soldiers, 6 soldiers wounded. However, thanks to the joint efforts of the army and police offensive outburst of the Islamists nevertheless managed to stop. Their group was split into two parts: one was liquidated on the spot, the second was able to escape. While it is still unknown how many people stormed the military unit, and how many had been eliminated and who was able to escape.

On Monday, interior Minister kalmukhanbet Kasymov said that after the active phase of hostilities, the security forces killed 5 militants, 7 were detained. Another 6-7 people are wanted, the Minister said. In this regard, by the end of Monday a “red” level alarm was changed to “yellow” and extended it to 40 days.

However, the experts of “MK” warn that socio-economic problems of Kazakhstan in conjunction with the terrorist propaganda again and again can lead to such tragedies.

Yuri SOLOZOBOV, Director of international programs of the national strategy Institute:

It was the most bloody terrorist act in recent history of Kazakhstan. But thanks to the coordinated actions of the security forces to capture the city failed to prevent. Recently, radical Islam has spread not only in the South of Kazakhstan, but also in the West. There’s a big socio-economic disparity. The large oil revenues of some combination of the difficult conditions of life for others, and this difference is used by the Wahhabis in Dagestan. In particular, the attempted takeover of Aktobe took place according to the classic scenario of the North Caucasus. It is possible that such attempts will continue in the future.

Yerlan KARIN, Director of the Kazakhstan Institute for strategic studies:

— At the beginning of the XXI century Wahhabi preachers from Dagestan were we have an active propaganda, which led to several small attacks in 2011-2012. But in the Republic began to engage in the prevention of terrorism, and the so-called “jamaats” were eliminated. However, it is enough for one terrorist to get out from under surveillance, as he immediately begins to form underground. Under the influence of a massive propaganda on the Internet these sleeper cells begin to remind myself. Given the international trend, note that an increase in terrorist activity is a long — term trend.

Watch the video on “there was video from the scene of the attack in the city of Aktobe”

A surveillance camera recorded the attack on a military unit and gun shop. The video shows how a group of men with weapons in their hands walking down the street. Video published on the website youtube.com user Mr. X X.

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