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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Dmitry Kiselev returned from the Crimea to Russia

“Any mention in the press, even the negative, except the obituary, is advertising,” wrote 150 years ago in America, the famous writer mark TWAIN.

“And now,” as likes to say our famous TV presenter Dmitry Kiselyov, is back in Russia”.

Surprisingly, no one in our country has done so much to promote “Open RussiaMikhail Khodorkovsky, as our propaganda through TV. The latest example: on June 1, supporters of KHODORKOVSKY has spent in Moscow a press-conference and video conference with his boss from London, presenting a list of their obviously lost the election (they admit it themselves) candidates. The event, in my opinion, was a weak and uninformative. Neither Khodorkovsky nor Chichvarkin not something that is not “lit”, but even clearly are unable to answer the simplest questions. Correspondent “MK” was there, but not much to write about. Despite the fact that all this took place in the conference hall of the publishing house Moskovsky Komsomolets”, rented out for money to the organizers.

But the General public had the opportunity with all the details to see the event on TV channel “Russia”. Twice. First news story on June 1, and then, apparently, to dull, resulting in the “news of the week Dmitry Kiselev” on 5 June.

News about the was not any, is recognized and Kiselyov (“Khodorkovsky this time there were no really meaningful phrase”), and Kiselevka journalists in the Sunday edition they even had to mount footage from an earlier press conference KHODORKOVSKY in December last year.) Otherwise, certainly it would not be talking about. But from the point of view of journalism on state television. But from the point of view of Dmitry Kiselyov, a news about was and some: after all, this press conference was held in leased ID “Moskovsky Komsomolets” hall. This was the main theme of both stories on “Russia”. Surprisingly, no matter what stars policy or sport played with us before, colleagues Kiselyov was not interested. Snagged the only reason they are “Open Russia

7 times in less than 5 minutes Kiselev mentioned our newspaper in your story. And in what context: “MK” arranged for Khodorkovsky’s links with the capital of Russia from London”, “Improve “PARNASSUS” your result with the information support of the “MK”?” and so on. And all 5 minutes of the broadcast on the screen right under the big letters “MK” written on the wall of the hall of the press center, hung kisielewski Telesistemy “Headquarters of the revolution?”.

Why? All old and well-known dislike of Dmitry Kiselyov to our journal. And to collide with the “MK”, Kiselev is even ready to promote Khodorkovsky. Remember: “Any mention, except the obituary…” but that’s not confused whether Kiselev in this case, the “personal coat of state”?

From an astute reader may question: why the “MK” he so “excited” from the transfer of Kiseleva? After all, according to Mark TWAIN is also advertising.

To explain this, we have, as fond of saying our famous anchorman, “go back to Russia”. As you know, some of the stories on our TV is not for the mass audience, and for the viewer special. This viewer, which does not need to campaign, but which you can convey. Even podtasovyvaya and distorting the facts.

Obviously, the relationship with Moscow from London for Khodorkovsky “organized” Internet, not our newspaper. “MK” for this arm isn’t long enough. And information support “Parnassus” Kiselev obviously exaggerated. We wrote about Kasyanov only when there was a information occasion. Yes, the infamous “Headquarters of the revolution?” is not “MK”, it is clear even to the baby. Just publishing house handed over the money to their premises for holding press conferences. As before the hundreds of others is not prohibited in Russia organizations. The crisis in the country, and we, not being funded from the budget of the media, have to earn money, including in such legally.

“And now,” as likes to say our famous TV presenter Dmitry Kiselyov, is back in Russia”. Why I for the third time in a small text Kiselevsky repeat this quote? The fact is that in the “Vesti Nedeli” on 5 June, to go from a plot about the competition “Aviadarts” in the Crimea for the next slander on our newspaper, Kiselev said: “now let’s get back to Russia”. Well, it seems, could not the main promoter to get used to that for two and a half years in the Crimea — is Russia. Agreed. So for a good cause is not sorry a thousand times repeated: Crimea is Russia Crimea is Russia…

…Oak — tree. Rose is a flower. Death is inevitable… Crimea is Russia.

But Kiselev… See the response of our editor-in-chief Pavel Gusev in the “MK” on may 31, 2016.

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