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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Criminal talent of Alexey Zharkov: actor remember Herman, Filippenko, Shakhnazarov

Died a great artist. The actor, who in recent years almost nothing was playing. It was not visible, could be heard. About it almost forgot… Alex Jarkova was 68 years old. Only 68…

It happens, life line is not always only committed up. And life itself is always striped. Zero years for Zharkov, obviously, have a black stripe. Why? Not for us to judge.

photo: Alexander Astafyev

But in the 70s and 80s he was a star. The real star, although the star, as such, it is, of course, was not enough. But here’s a list of the movies in which he played then, “Torpedo”, “Blonde around the corner”, “Prohindiada”, “Parade of planets”, “Life of Klim Samgin”, “City zero”, Out quite popular, viewed many times — investigator in “Criminal talent”, vis-a-vis some day there Alexandra Zakharova. Cynical and meticulous detective William Blore terrible detective in “Ten little Indians”. And, of course, “My friend Ivan Lapshin”, where the role again with a criminal bent — the employee of criminal investigation John Okosun.

Alexey Zharkov such distinguishing, unpredictable, but a profound artist. And what irony, what a gift for Comedy! He was so right in the stagnant bog of the time, when it was clearly visible identity. Depressive, pessimistic, but a person.

Yes, Zharkov was a great artist Herman. The German, who did not need anything to play, just to live, not paying attention to the camera. To live in the given circumstances.

Alexei German Jr.:

— I, unfortunately, knew little of Alexey Zharkov, but the father about him not remembered. I know dad considered him the greatest artist. And I know that it was a decent people, which is now very rare. And I know that he has no replacement and never will. So.

Alexander Filippenko:

— With Alex was always easy and reliable. On the set of “Lapshin” we felt each other with polowski, and it was the most important thing. Left fellow… you Know, I said to him do a solo concert, read poems. But he didn’t read, unfortunately. And, you know, if he called me at eight in the morning and said, “Sasha, you need to come.” I would go no doubt.

Still from the film “My friend Ivan Lapshin”.

And what fun was that? Remember in “Lapshin” is such an old woman, the landlady. It’s an old actress, she has long been retired, but played. And Alex constantly cheated on her, said: “This is a rehearsal, the rehearsal goes…” And in fact, already filmed, of course. When she’s on dubbing all saw it, shouted at us: “Oh, you bastards.” But then I put each in a bottle of vodka. Here are the draws were in German.

Karen Shakhnazarov:

— It so happened that I opened for the movie Alex. In the film “selecting a destination” Igor Talankin starring Kurchatov played Sergei Bondarchuk. And needed to find artist similar to the younger Bondarchuk, to film an episode with the young Kurchatov. And so I gave Alex… we Have with him was some kind of still unknown to me communication and human, and creative. He was playing well in my “City zero” and recently in “Ward No. 6”. I took off in “the Vanished Empire”, as in drama, this role unfortunately did not fit. You know, he really was irreplaceable. There will be still other actors. But as Zharkov to play, they just never will. Care of Alex is a huge loss for me… And for our entire culture.

Watch the video on “the Memory of Alexey Zharkov: a scene from the film “My friend Ivan Lapshin””

People’s artist of Russia Alexey Zharkov died at the age of 68, never recovered after a stroke. He is most remembered by the audience for his numerous roles in films, which was more than 130. Also Aleksei Zharkov played in the theater. Yermolova and the Moscow art theatre. A. P. Chekhov.

Video published on the website youtube.com user LenfilmVideo

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