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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Crimean authorities told them to return the selected property is unjust

The Russian government has instructed the authorities of Crimea and Sevastopol to review the results of nationalization in the country. 10 June – deadline for executives of the Peninsula. Up to this point they are required to prepare a phased plan for the return of property seized in violation of the law. It, however, while talking about the facilities of consumer cooperative societies.

photo: Lily Sherlovskaja

After a directed request of the Deputy of the state Duma Nikolay kolomeytsev to the address Ministry of economy and development the Council of Ministers of Crimea and Sevastopol, the government instructed to develop a plan for return of nationalized property, which is to transfer the ownership of regions belonged to private owners. Disappointing that it happened just now. Leonid Grach, former head of the Supreme Council of Crimea, told “MK” that, for example, Krimpotrebsoyuz, who appealed for help to Kolomeitseva, went through a whole series of courts. But their demands to return the property to the shareholders no one responded. Rook says: “In fact, it is a direct fight with Aksenov. The desire to seize the markets, which, for example, belonged to Crimplene, he has since the 90-ies. In the end, he cleaned them and just so they don’t give”. It turns out that the Crimeans do not believe that regional authorities fulfil the decree of the RF government.

By the way, in the process of “denationalization” and joined the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who, being in the Crimea, requested to return to the local resorts had been removed from their land. Until August 15, the issue should be resolved. “In the order of Medvedev, I do not believe, – said Leonid Grach. – Will the process do next, “while I breathe, I hope”.

And indeed, as we found out “MK”, about revising the results of nationalization, as well as on the return of land owners, the Ministry of property and land relations of the RK have not heard. Deputy Minister Oksana pen lakhina said: “we know nothing. The task was to auction off the nationalized objects. It has not changed”. On the question of whether the listed objects of consumer cooperation, was the answer — “no”.

In an interview with “MK” Vladislav Stepanov, Chairman of the Board of Krimpotrebsoyuz, very skeptical about the revision of the results of nationalization.

-When the members of the partnership took property, sounded the charge in close contact with Kolomoisky. Now, it was removed? Accused of our shareholders in friendship with Kolomoisky, Aksenov and specifically individual municipalities. In turn, the Russian government took the legal and principled position. Checked all the documents, looked up what it’s for shareholders who are the founders also understood what sort of property it is, what’s his status. After was made the correct conclusion: there is no crime, private shareholders private legal. Seized her for uncertain reasons.

-So, with the nationalization law was violated?

– The Russian government violations do not occur.. They have carefully studied our explanation and realized that individual officials of the Republic of Crimea is not quite correctly informed and it is not treated correctly the situation..

– In December, You expressed concerns that the objects of Krympotrebsoyuz” divide by municipalities. What actually happened?

– And so it happened. Just recently there was another hostile takeover. Took cheburechnaya, located in the Simferopol district. I don’t know how it was a strategic object, but this action attracted the militia, chop, municipality. In total there were about 25-30 people. They fought against two women and three chefs. Expelled them, and seized čeburečnye.

-Do you think a story with the objects of consumer cooperation came to an end?

– On the basis of logic and the position of the government of the Russian Federation, our facilities need us to return, but I fear that the Crimean government says otherwise. We filed a lawsuit to the court on interim measures, to prohibit to carry out any actions with the property before the court will say, whose is it, ours or the state. The court, we won, interim measures were imposed and has come into force. Despite this, Ministers were told that these measures do not pay any attention. So I fear that the instruction of the government also will fail.

– Until June 10, should be accepted in the acts concerning the return of the items. Will the?

My prediction: until June 10, a single decision of the standard and will not accept. On Friday we will ask the Council of Ministers of Crimea these acts. While the position of our “principal opponents” is not encouraging. This is the reason to actively fight for the restoration of our constitutional rights.

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