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Friday, February 23, 2018

Announced on the first experience in growing pigs with human organs

A group of scientists representing the University of California, are preparing to grow a human organ in the body of a pig. We are talking about the pancreas, which almost entirely consist of human cells and, if the experiment succeeds, will be quite suitable for transplantation.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Experts plan to create the embryo of the pig-“Chimera” DNA which is modified so that it will be possible to “embed” human stem cells. The result is the pancreas of an animal should be almost completely identical to the human, in other respects, the plan of experts, the pig needs to be totally “normal”.

In the future, experts hope to conduct similar experiments in which scientists hope to grow pigs with human hearts, liver, kidneys and so on. The pig has long been considered one of the most suitable candidates for studies of this kind. The objective proclaimed by scientists, is a solution to the problem of shortage of donor organs that potentially could have helped save thousands of lives every year.

However, many public figures still are very cautious towards the cultivation of “chimeras”. Some activists who insist on the dangers and immorality of such technologies already called it frankenscience (from Frankenstein – Frankenstein and science science). However, supporters of the experiments believe that the farming of animals with human organs from an ethical point of view can be considered quite acceptable, since we are not talking about the human brain, and the likelihood of events according to the scenario “heart of a Dog” by Mikhail Bulgakov tends to zero.

In early 2016 to allow to grow pigs and sheep with human organs is allowed in the UK, in the USA the similar decision was already accepted previously.

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