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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Vladimir Bortko: Write about Lebedev’s only one word – “asshole”

“Write, please, about him only one word – “asshole”! All! Point. A title dictated to me by my mother and my father, who were both injured on the Volkhov front,” – said the newspaper VIEW Director, state Duma Deputy Vladimir Bortko. So he regarded the publication of the blogger Artemy Lebedev, who said that the celebration of the Victory makes him “vomit”.

On Monday the Moscow city court will consider the complaint well-known blogger and designer Artemy Lebedev in the verdict of the Meshchansky district court, which in November, as reported by the newspaper VIEW, ordered Lebedev to remove information that insults the memory of participants and victims of the great Patriotic war (WWII), and to compensate moral harm. The lawsuit against the blogger has filed a war veteran Sergei Kramarenko. The court ordered Lebedev to then remove the information and to pay Kramarenko million rubles.

“Perhaps it was tasteless. But it was sincere and absolutely honest! Grandma wanted to see who I wanted to see, to remember”

Earlier Lebedev managed to win one of the ships, however, the Presidium of the Moscow city court satisfied the cassation appeal of the veteran and returned the case for retrial.

The reason for the suit was the publication of 6 February 2014 under the title “the City is a coward” and dated 9 may 2014 “Hande Hoch, Hitler kaputt”, posted on the Internet in the online diary “Live journal”. A user of an online diary and a published author, is Artemy Lebedev. According to the applicant, these publications “insulting the memory of the great Patriotic war, its participants, veterans and victims by imposing a radical change of values, which is unacceptable in a country where the veneration of veterans and casualties of the second world war is the historical duty of the state and society”.

At the end of April, as reported by the newspaper VIEW, the same petty-bourgeois court has already ruled that Lebedev with a smaller amount – half a million rubles in favor of the participants of the battle of Stalingrad Marina Mikhalitsyna who gets insulted by the same publication in the “Live journal”. However, the challenged publication is still not removed, because Lebedev is still awaiting the decision of another court.

About whose side he would take in this dispute, in an interview with the newspaper look told the film Director, people’s artist of Russia, the Creator of the films “heart of a Dog”, “Idiot”, “Master and Margarita” and simultaneously the Chairman of the Duma Committee on culture Vladimir Bortko.

OPINION: Vladimir Vladimirovich, how would you rate the theses that was released by the designer Artemy Lebedev may 9, 2013 under the heading “Hande Hoch, Hitler kaputt”? For example, he thinks so: “In Russia there is only one cult is worse of Orthodoxy – the cult of victory Day. Awe, aspiration, a special vocabulary, words of memory, sugary care for veterans – all of this causes bouts of vomiting,” and another, a little further on: “All this religious f* # K me terribly annoying”. Would you support the veterans who filed for him in court, because they are the words jarred?

Vladimir Bortko: It’s where he wrote this?! In his blog in LiveJournal? We need to understand. On the one hand, he’s not in the newspaper wrote, this is understandable. But, on the other hand, it is a direct insult to the memory of my parents. Please write about him only one word – “asshole”! All! Point. Consider that a title dictated to me by my mother and my father, who were both injured on the Volkhov front.

Dad cursed the German leg blown off, mother was also seriously injured. Mother was a nurse at the front. When she was injured, she miraculously survived. Our tanks went on the attack – Bang, Bang, Bang is already on fire. It hurt mine, she never ran, blood flowing in the leg. It lies in the neutral zone and knows he’s gonna die. And suddenly our positions from our tank leaves, unfolds the Board, protects it. The hatch opens and out with a triple Mat: what are you, like, lie there?! So she survived, then she gathered the leg.

In some sense I am the child of war. Because my mom and dad who met, met in the hospital, specifically decided to “write” me on Victory Day. But “wrong” for two days – and I was born may 7, 1946. And in cases like this, I always support veterans, especially since many of them were wounded at the front, and now very much of age.

OPINION: a year Later, on 6 February 2014, Artemy Lebedev announced another post “the City is a coward”, which also became the subject of a claim of veterans. He believes that Brest is not worthy of the title of hero-city…

V. B.: There is an anecdote about this. Guy caught a goldfish, and told her that he wanted to become a Hero of the Soviet Union. And the next moment – boom! – was in the trenches. Ahead of a German tank and a German tank in the back, and in his hand is the only pomegranate. Here it would go there, to that place!

OPINION: BUT with this statement from the same post you as a Director, an artist, maybe something agree? “Monuments of the great Patriotic war is one another tasteless. Most importantly, the stele of the usual fucking concrete immediately becomes sacred – it can neither move nor carry. Although she’s essentially a soulless piece of circumstantial*BHA. But everyone is afraid to say it out loud”. And further: “Immediately after the war monuments were modest, and eventually the victory Day became an official reason SP*dit attendants”…

V. B.: you Know what? My grandmother Efrosinia, God rest her soul, she, like all peasant women put in one big photograph, and the angle is small. They were going a lot in the corners, around. Perhaps it was tasteless. But it was sincere and absolutely honest! Grandma wanted to see who I wanted to see, to remember.

OPINION: You recently expressed a willingness to make a film about the war in the Donbass. And you would be removed from the film about the great Patriotic war, if you found the money?

V. B.: It would be a film not entirely about war, but about the events that preceded it. Her characters were Hitler, Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt. I read the book Adolf aloizovicha “Mein Kampf”, and there several references to that living space can be gained only at the expense of Russia. So inevitably, Germany would attack the Soviet Union. The attack could only delay. In this sense, I believe the Molotov – Ribbentrop Pact was entirely justified – it helped to buy time.

OPINION: When people from the same liberal circle to which it belongs, and blogger-the plaintiff, assess the Victory of the 45th year, they usually offer to split the feat of the people and achievements of the government. And you like this look?

V. B.: the Government may be different, but one homeland, and for her it works. We all have to work at Home. The Soviet regime United the country with one great idea – building the future on a socialist basis. We had a really new community – the Soviet people. With her we have won the great Patriotic war. Hitler thought that the country will fall apart along ethnic lines. But it has not collapsed. Brought up generation from 1917 to 1941, which in the end won. This generation won the war and won the war against the whole of Europe and defended the same in Europe too with their bodies. Otherwise we would all here now was not.

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