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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Ufologists showed a video of the docking of the ISS with UFOs

Ufologists representing a team called Secure Team 10, published the video, which can be seen glowing slightly oscillating light object, flying up to one of the modules of the International space station, but not shown on the other side. According to those who posted the video, it depicts the docking of the ISS with the space ship of aliens. Video UFO looked hundreds of thousands of people.

photo: youtube.com

Although the video and collected many hits, the audience, for the most part, were skeptical of the versions that an unidentified flying object to be an alien space ship. Some of those who watched the video, suggested that in fact it is possible to observe trapped in the frame under a good angle of the fall of the meteorite over Arizona that occurred on the same day when the video was filmed.

The content of the review under the “sensational” reports about the discovery of evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations has long been evidence that people have less confidence in the self-proclaimed experts on this kind of events. However, news of this sort continue to appear quite often. For example, recently representatives Secure Team 10 I saw at the bottom of the Pacific ocean near the coast of California unusual stains and rounded object, and then said, that probably came across to the base of the aliens. And another UFO researcher Scott Waring, recently found an unusual shadow next to Mars Curiosity Rover evidence that Mars was secretly visited by an astronaut. A little less than a month ago, another self-styled scientist said that they found out about the Sun giant group of interconnected alien space ships. In addition, the network regularly reports, authors of which see in the stones of unusual shape in images from the Mars Rover of fossilized or even live mammals and reptiles.

As previously explained NASA astronaut drew Postel, professional staff of astrophysics and space agencies often deliberately not commented on news of this kind, because their experience shows that such a reaction only attracts additional attention to is not worthy of the information, it is still not discouraging those who initially believed the strange news.

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