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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Gus Gus: archaeologists “sound territories”

Icelandic stars of world electronics Gus Gus’s level of popularity compared to björk, but their music is another story. The team originated in 1995 and has attracted attention already the first album “Polydistortion” in which elements of funk and techno mixed with hip-hop and house. The name is borrowed from the movie Ryan Werner Fassbinder’s “Fear eats the soul”, in which the heroine pronounces the name of the dish couscous as gus gus.

Photo: press service of the group

Original name of musicians and justify their creativity, turned into one big experiment about two decades, it is always different and brings unexpected results. Artists shown in the capital of the once powerful show, which on the eve of the “MK” talked to one of the main ideologists of a group biggie Thorarinsson about the secrets of creative longevity, the findings from past and current trends in modern electronic music.

— What is the main idea you want to convey to listeners with their creativity? What is the concept?

— We have many years investigating electronic music, trying himself in different directions, and this field is not yet fully mastered. It is a space where I, for example, interested in creating new compositions, mixing elements of various styles, each time to open a new sound. For me, music is feelings and emotions, the power of her impact much more than simple power of verbal communication with people. It acts like a drug.

Band Gus Gus for more than twenty years. How it has varied style?

— We are always aiming high, striving to create a quality product, but not primarily commercial, and creative. We were influenced by a huge number of different musical genres, the elements of which we used, always placing them in a modern, relevant context. We combine elements of electronic and pop music, appealing more to 1970-th years, the early ‘ 80s, new-wave, disco, early, “primitive” house and techno, ambient-house, sometimes drum-n-bass, trance music, new techno. Techno has always especially fascinated me with its drive, groove, emotion. Today is one of the developing directions that interested us — it breaks. Effects very much. We never wanted to play any one genre and never claimed to be the creators of their style, just went where the us leads, the sound, the mood, absorb everything like a sponge. (Laughs.) When you mix a few ingredients, you get a very interesting result, musical essence. All our plates are similar to each other, we never get tired of what we do. That’s probably why we are still interesting people.

— And what experiments they expect in the future?

— Now we are actively working on the next album. It is a more smooth, emotionally deep. I think it will be dominated by ambient sound, which can be associated with the sound of late ’70s — early’ 80s. some may recall Tangerine Dream — German pioneers of electronic music and Krautrock. But, of course, there’s pop-groove — a component which causes the body to move. Listening to the music, people don’t have to think about the fate of the universe — leave it to us, when we create it. So if some of the skeptics will say: “In these tracks there is no deep thoughts, but when I listen to them, I begin to dance” — for us it is a compliment. (Laughs.)

— How today develops electronic music in General? What trends do you observe?

— There is a lot of interesting projects in the underground. At the same time one can observe the fusion of electronics with pop music, and all these areas enrich each other. In the last year I have increasingly notice how famous singers are beginning to experiment with electronic sound and this make a good opus. In addition, it is now becoming more relevant with its combination of instrumental and live sound is something new that attracts the attention of the audience. Personally, I really like when in electronic music I hear beautiful vocals. And melody can be very simple, but evolving, tastefully spiced with a variety of effects.

— Gus Gus the composition was changed several times: some members left, others joined the group. How does that affect her development?

— Sound areas of our studies has varied along with vocalists. Each brought something of their own. First, we experimented more in trip-hop style, later genre palette have expanded, and we began to gravitate towards house, soul music, then became interested in the history of the development of the early techno in Germany.

— What helped the team to gain worldwide popularity? This was the result of hard work, luck, knowing what he wants to hear the public, or even some of the factors?

— The luck factor certainly plays some role, but not enough. It’s easy to keep the audience interested, to impress her once, much harder to hold her back. We have always been very self-critical and wanted to do a very good show, each of them thinking through every detail, rehearsed a lot, come up with some fresh moves. All this along with constant work on new material. I think this is our strength and secret of our success.

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