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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Odessa journalist told how in the SBU he was tortured

The security service of Ukraine does not recognize contained in the report of UN information on torture in the conflict zone in the Donbass. UN officials earlier were forced to leave Ukraine because of the obstacles in the admission to prisons where torture is practiced. VZGLYAD talked with a survivor of these supposedly “non-existent” torture in the special facility of the SBU.

In the security Service of Ukraine denied information about torture, ill-treatment and detention in a conflict zone in the Donbass. We will remind, earlier on Friday the assistant to the UN Secretary General on human rights Ivan shimonovich stated that the SBU massively detained and tortured by the supporters of the militia of Donbass.

“Drove machine SBU, came out four Balaclava… Beat until until the person fell to the floor and not spit blood!”

“The security service of Ukraine adheres to the norms of Ukrainian law and all international conventions and treaties on human rights, said in response, the press Secretary of the Minister Elena Gilanskaya, quoted by “RIA Novosti”. – I think that today during the meeting the head of the SBU Vasyl Hrytsak, Šimonović will be agreed upon all the points that surfaced in the report and then we will comment on more details”.

Then, on Friday, the permanent representative of Ukraine to the United Nations Volodymyr Yelchenko expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that read at a meeting of the UN security Council report of the Secretary General of the organization ban Ki-moon on sexual violence in conflict not mentioned the areas of Donbas, being under control of Russian-backed separatists”. The Ukrainian representative did not mention the fact of the gang rape that was committed by the security forces of the Ukrainian battalion “Tornado” in the Luhansk region – and that he was forced to admit the chief military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios.

Hundreds of cases of illegal arrests and ill-treatment

Even before the release of the report on torture by the assistant UN Secretary General for human rights Ivan šimonović said that in some areas “disrespect for human rights” from Kiev has become a daily and regular.

Repression and terror on Ukrainedate prepared by the United Nations, describes hundreds of cases of illegal arrests and ill-treatment of detainees as the rebels, and representatives of governmental organizations. Moreover, the report first demonstrates the scale and brutality of the program on the use of torture, which is supported by the government of Ukraine. The document also refers to the five secret prisons for detainees who have created the Ukrainian authorities. Šimonović spoke about specific cases of beatings and torture of detainees who have committed alleged by the SBU.

We also recall that on Thursday, UN experts on torture, interrupted the visit to Ukraine after they were denied entry into certain areas of the country, where, as expected, the number of persons illegally detained by intelligence agencies. About it reported in a press-service of the information Centre for human rights.

The head of the UN delegation Malcolm Evans stated that this denial of access is a violation of Ukraine’s obligations as a state party to the optional Protocol to the Convention against torture.

“We started beating right there on the road”

Alexander Voskoboynikov

(photo: from the personal pages vk.com)

One of those citizens of Ukraine who have passed through the torture of the SBU, was a resident of Odessa, Oleksandr Voskoboynikov, who now runs the Odessa public television, operating on the territory of the DNI.

In conversation with the newspaper VIEW, he noted that the SBU with his statements relies only on the fact that the whole story about torture was hushed up and forgotten. “I went through their torture, abuse. I was in a special facility SBU, camps and felt like torture. I have seen what they do with those who had been combatants from the DNI, how they were tortured,” Voskoboynikov said the newspaper VIEW.

In particular, the torture was involved the chief of the head investigative Department of SBU Vasily Vovk, who held this position when the then head of service Valentin Nalyvaychenko.

“This is weaker than the beaten – trim it!”

“After my arrest in Odessa I moved to Kyiv. On the road we immediately began to beat, we continued to beat in the courtyard of the building of the SBU in Kiev. When we went upstairs, came the wolf and said, “Here’s this beaten weaker, and this is normal. Just trim it”. And then he went into one of the offices, and when he came out, his white shirt was all stained with blood. It was the blood of those guys who were beaten in him, and he just smiled,” recalls Voskoboynikov, adding that now Vasily Vovk performs in various talk shows as a politician.

Moreover, over time the situation has not changed and the torture continues. According to voskoboynikova, he has connections to current inmates, for example in the Odessa SIZO.

“They are subjected to constant torture, abuse and humiliation. And the man in the overused condition can lead on the court, as happened recently with one of the detainees. I will say more – if you raise the pictures of all those detained since March 2014, we can see how people are beaten, mutilated. Personally, I knocked out the side teeth… I fractured my ribs. The beating happened in the following way: the prisoners were brought to prison by bus, then drove the machine SBU, out of it came four men in balaclavas and with automatic rifles, who began to beat the prisoners. Beat until until the person fell to the floor and not spit up blood,” said Voskoboinikov.

“People from the security service explained: you have to say, as we write”

Earlier in interview to the newspaper VIEW, the Russian Oleg Khlupin, previously accused Ukraine of espionage, said that prior to transmission to the SBU investigators, he “was processed” in the location of one of the territorial battalions – presumably the infamous “Tornado”. According to the story Hlubina, “special people” who tortured the detained Russians, “cut – honed needle and stuck in the bone, an ordinary piece of iron was like a sharpened knitting needle… under the nameless finger, where a ring on wedding wear, needle under the nail “included”. When captured by the Russian citizen was transported to Kiev, he “he could neither be silent nor give up”. “Then the SBU gave me a piece of paper – there is already in Kiev… People from the security service explained: we saved your life but now you have to tell how we’ll write. Now, I think they played this one, calculated. So they suffer, and then these came and rescued”.

Alexey Glazov, lawyer Odessa journalist Artem of Busily detained by SBU on charges of “separatism” and spent 11 months in jail Odessa, told the newspaper VIEW:

“During the arrest of Artem were subjected to psychological and physical pressure. This is not my observation, but this was told by Tom, and I believe him. According to Artem, those who conducted the search, began to write in the Protocol the things allegedly found at his home. He protested: “It’s not mine!” Then bring it out into the next room, hit on the head, neck, palm, add: “there will Be a lot of talk – ‘ll get!”

Pretending that he is ready to accuse a colleague, Artem is already March 30, 2016 was able to be released, what immediately reported and our newspaper. However, the joy of liberation was marred by the fact that the SBU took the journalist on bail, threatening in case of an attempted escape from the country and a new arrest for a period. However, Booze has managed to move to Russia.

“Access denied until now,”

We are talking not only of approval by the UN staff of the presence of torture on the territory of Ukraine, but also about what the UN inspectors were denied access to those objects, which has been suspected as a secret prison of the SBU, where they carried out torture, said a member of the presidential Council for interethnic relations, the political analyst Bogdan Bezpalko.

“Since this access was denied until now, and, therefore, UN staff are unable to inspect these objects right now, the SBU statement is nothing more than a conventional information speed, PR, which aims to rehabilitate and give a reason to their supporters to believe that no torture on the territory of Ukraine”, – Bezpalko said the newspaper VIEW.

According to him, to refute the accusations of the SBU would be much easier – just allowing international inspectors to any sites about which there are suspicions that there keep people and torture them. However, there are a few people who had been tortured by employees of the SBU, and irregular Ukrainian armed forces.

“For example, it was not only activists who cut off the fingers, but these were the clergy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. For example, a cleric of Nikolo-Vasilyevsky monastery hieromonk Feofan (Kratirov). Or priest Vladimir Maretsky. In this situation, there is every reason to believe that in Ukraine, use of torture against dissidents, especially supporters of DNR and LNR. And the fact that the UN inspectors could not confirm this document, indirectly confirms the existence of such torture, because otherwise it is unclear why the SBU, which is designed to ensure law and order in the state, prevents the United Nations to conduct this kind of inspection”, – says Bogdan Bezpalko.

One hundred Russians in Ukrainian prisons

Russian foreign Ministry Commissioner for human rights, democracy and rule of law Konstantin Dolgov said that “more than 100 Russian citizens are in Ukrainian prisons and detention centers, but it is not complete statistics.

So, on may 29, the Kyiv district court of Odessa was arrested again a citizen of Russia Evgeny Nefedov passing on the case about the events on may 2, 2014 – this time for what he allegedly threatened to kill on the grounds of national intolerance. Shortly before a panel of judges Malinovsky district court of Odessa adopted the decision on changing the measure of restraint Nefedovo from detention in-house arrest. But after that, the courthouse was surrounded by representatives of the Ukrainian nationalist organizations – that may have influenced the decision of the judges.

The Ukrainian side violates bilateral Consular Convention of 1993 and the Vienna Convention on consular relations of 1963, does not inform in a timely manner about the arrests of our citizens. There is evidence of torture by the security service, – the diplomat noted. – A totally unacceptable situation.”

“We are working. Keep the issue at the tightest control,” he said. Moscow hopes that international organizations, including human rights organisations, will all have influence on Kiev to fulfil its international obligations, said Debt.

In the past two years, the UN is closely monitoring the observance of human rights by Ukraine. With this purpose was created a monitoring mission deployed under the office of the UN high Commissioner for human rights. Until recently, it was published 13 such reports, the latter contained very sharp criticism of the Ukrainian authorities for the time of the publication of such reports. In particular, the United Nations requested to investigate cases of human rights violations during the so-called blockade of the Crimea. In addition, the authors of the report accused Ukrainian authorities of failure to conduct an effective investigation into the Odessa tragedy in the House of trade unions may 2, 2014.

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